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  1. I love my 06 TE 510. Saw coffee's bike and copied the TC colors. Of course the 07 is now red & white. Any way I saw a brand new 525 at the OHV park a few weeks ago and went over to check it out. I liked the lights on the bike a lot. I didn't like the fact there's no skid plate and the horn is mounted to the plastic in front of the right radiator. If I were to buy another new bike and pick between the two I would still buy the husky for the same reasons I chose the first time. Higher compession engine, 41mm carb, 50mm forks and the rear disc is 20mm bigger.
  2. rickyb001

    07 SM/TC510=Same carb or different?

    My 06 TE 510 was doing the same thing and I also changed to the 45 pilot. Eliminated at least 75% of the popping. I have done the exhaust mod and have not sealed the exhaust.
  3. rickyb001

    What carb would you buy?

    Thanks again for the info! Rick
  4. rickyb001

    What carb would you buy?

    Kick start only! I'm 180# and it takes everything I've got to kick it! 37 FCR-MX $527 from Sudco w/hot start. $455 without. Love that magic little button on the Husky and the FCR carb. Rick
  5. rickyb001

    What carb would you buy?

    Thankyou for your response! With or without hot start? Rick
  6. I took my KLR 250 to the shop and had the engine disassembled and sent to Cycle Works Racing in PA. 330 cc big bore and 40cc stroker crank for 370 cc total displacement. Billet cams, bigger valves, head ported and big gun evox quiet core exhaust. I had the shop put the Mikuni VM 36 carb on (recommended by CWR) and the bike ran very strong but was almost impossible to start! So I had them put the stock Keihin CVK 34 carb back on and jet to the new engine. Starts easily now but drastic HP loss. What carb would you buy and where would you start for a baseline jetting setup? Rick 01 KLR 370 02 FXDL 06 TE 510
  7. rickyb001

    KLR 250 what to do...

    Sent my engine to Cycle Works Racing in PA. (cycleworksracing.net) 330 cc big bore kit 40 cc stroker crank for a 370 cc total bigger valves and one step down from full race cams hardened rockers and titanium springs and keepers. The bike rips now! I rode it this weekend at Carnegie OHV park in CA and got some great looks!
  8. rickyb001

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    52 good years. 06 TE510 (first husky). Now I know what I've missed out on all those years!
  9. rickyb001

    06-07 TE owners... Are you happy?

    Love my 06 TE 510 but I ride over 95% on the dirt. Just an occasional run on the tar back to the truck or trailer. Rick
  10. rickyb001

    New TT Member

    I would like to thank all of you that have posted AP & jetting info on the TE 510's. After removing the emmisions the bike ran terrrible so I checked out TT and bought the JD jet kit. The bike was running lean still so I made a couple of changes. I havn't ridden in the dirt yet but without tearing the tires up on the street it definetly is running better. 35 leak jet @ 2.50mm with small oring, 45 pilot, red needle @ 5, 180 main and 2 turns on fuel mix. Looking forward to riding next weekend! Rick Sacramento area 06 TE 510 01 KLR 370