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  1. Vincent

    Taos it is!

    Yeah dougie, I hope to get up toward the Taos/Red River area in July this year. Maybe a combination Jeeping/dirt biking trip. If you ever do get a hankerin to head down this way, let me know in advance...I'd like to hook up and show you guys around.
  2. Vincent

    what tire pressure are YOU running ?

    13 psi front and rear, mountains, desert, etc... always works good for me.
  3. Vincent

    Taos it is!

    Hey Dougie, I dont know if it makes any difference in your plans or not, but I responded to your previous post/question about Cloudcroft. Didn't know if you had seen it or not. Let me know if you have any more questions. Vince
  4. Dougie, Yes..there are plenty of trails for you to ride over the course of 3 or 4 days down here. I'm not so sure it would live up to the expectations of folks spoiled by Colorado's beauty ...but it is very nice never the less. If you'd like, I could send you a Lincoln National Forest map for you to peruse...maybe that can help make your decision. There are plenty of decent motels...Motel 6, Super 8, Desert Air Inn, etc...that's not a problem. Nightlife? Well this is kind of a bible belt, but there are some good bar's. We have Keg's, Shooter's, and my personal favorite..the Western Bar up in the town of Cloudcroft itself. Lots of cutie pie Texan's hang out there, particularly on long summer weekends There is an excellent nearby hospital here in Alamogordo...hopefully that won't be necessary!!! Plates? Not a big deal at all...you rarely see any sheriffs up there in the mountains, and most of the trails can be interlinked without any more than briefly crossing the black top. The more I think of it, this place is pretty unique in that respect. There aren't many places in the country like this any more. A place that gives you the freedom to travel pretty much anywhere on the established trails. Pretty nice indeed. This town (population 35,000)isn't nearly as yuppyish as Moab, but you can still have a good time and see some beautiful country. Let me know if you have any more questions...always glad to help. [This message has been edited by Vincent (edited 03-28-2001).]
  5. Vincent

    Need New Mexico Riding Info

    Dougie, Do you frequent www.dirtrider.net ? If you do, go over there and put a post in the "Places to ride" forum. Specifically, address it to Trailryder42. He's from Texas (his real name is Derek) and he's ridden all over your state and all over northern New Mexico. He hired a guide to show him around the jemez mountains and he's also ridden up around Red River, Taos, etc... He rides down here in my neck of the woods too, which is the southern part of New Mexico. I have miles and miles of beautiful trails just 16 miles from my house up in the mountains above the desert floor (Cloudcroft/Lincoln National Forest). But, I think I live a bit further south than you are wanting to go. I'm about 3 1/2 hours south of Albuquerque. Anyways...get a hold of him, Im sure he can give you some good advice/tips. [This message has been edited by Vincent (edited 03-23-2001).]
  6. Vincent

    Acerbis Tank Installed (Photos)

    I have the Acerbis tank too...it's held up great. The fit/finish is fantastic, no complaints at all. I dont even feel it when Im riding. Last weekend when racing a fast kid around the motocross track, I would come flying up to the berm, slide my butt forward all the way up to the tank and shazam!!! The bike cornered like it was on a rail. I was really impressed with the difference in handling with this tank...I'd reccomend it to anyone.
  7. Vincent

    Scotts oil filler clearance?

    I have the Scotts damper oil filler mount on my 99 WR. I had to grind about 1/8 " off each corner of that rectangular block at the back of the triple clamp. I used a flexible sanding wheel mounted to my electric drill...this made it quite painless. The most important fitment thing with this type of mount is to mount the top of the mount flush with the top of the filler neck. This allows for the best clearance between the triple clamp and the mount and also allows clearance for the dipstick.
  8. Vincent

    Which one to buy? WR or YZ

    I bought the WR...and ever since then Ive been bombarded with "Why the heck didnt you buy the YZ?" questions. My response? Lets see...an O-ring chain, lighting coil and lights (read:more flywheel effect), a kickstand, lower first gear, higher 5th gear,etc, etc... I have seen lots of YZ guys griping about not enough flywheel effect, topping out too quick, etc... Its a lot cheaper to convert your WR into a "YZ look" than it is to make the YZ a WR in function. Buy the WR...you wont regret it, trust me. P.S. I ride my in the deserts here in New Mexico as well as in the mountains. This bike is by far the best all around motorcycle I've ever owned, and I've had lots! [This message has been edited by Vincent (edited 03-03-2001).]
  9. Vincent

    Which Oil

    Mobil 1 15-50 weight Just make sure that you buy the one without the friction modifier symbol (starburst symbol).
  10. Vincent


    I bought the Acerbis tank...the one endorsed by Yamaha (GYTR). It fits great, its slim, has a trick aluminum filler cap fitting that can be swapped out for a dry brake if needed. It has two petcocks to get all the fuel too. I had a Ty tank, I sent it back because of poor quality (stripped fittings), and lack of being able to reach carb controls.
  11. Vincent

    Scotts Dampner Weld or Bolt?

    Ive got the bolt on around the oil filler neck version on my 99 WR. I've had absolutely no problems what so ever with it. Bolted right on, never slips, no cracks, etc... Riding with the dampner makes you think your riding slower, until you reach down, feel the shifter and realize your tapped out in fifth gear over terrain you never would have done that on before!! It makes that big a difference. Enjoy!!
  12. Another really helpful unregistered input.
  13. Vincent

    2000WR400 FOR SALE

    Or the YZ tank, stock headpipe, number plate, rear fender...I wouldnt mind buying that stuff from you if your interested. vincent@zianet.com [This message has been edited by Vincent (edited 02-05-2001).]
  14. Vincent

    Higher Gearing??

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give some taller gearing a try. Im glad to know that the scoot will pull it ok. I didnt want to have to resort to going back to a KX500 again. I love thumpers first and foremost