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  1. ramz

    Pilot screw o-ring

    Fuel screw washer and o-ring http://rickramsey.net/CRF230Fcarb.htm#fuelscrewparts They fit CRF230F and XR250R carbs. XR250R/XR250L Carburetor Notes http://rickramsey.net/XR250Rcarb.htm Carb rebuild kits http://jetsrus.com for jets and miscellaneous. Lottsa reading while the schnoo falls...................
  2. ramz

    Pueblo PMI

    Watch out; I've got my eyes on you.... I'm everywhere .
  3. ramz

    Pueblo PMI

    FYYFF and whatever other gesture you can imagine You probably rode the kiddie track... and got beat big time.
  4. ramz

    Pueblo PMI

    Check it out: Pueblo Motorsports Park /Honor Farm OHV Area https://advrider.com/f/threads/pueblo-motorsports-park-honor-farm-ohv-area.1294155/ Watchin You!
  5. I agree that the 250F belongs here in the 150F/230F forum, and would you be so kind as to move the other 250F posts here as well? All except for the ones in that other web site.
  6. The Plvis You look hot in leather..., wanna go for a ride-ride. Whatever that red beastie on your deck is, I WANT it. Name your price; I have the money.
  7. ramz

    Where to ride in May?

    Check these to see what's open and when in Central Colorado. Check dates of individual posts. Buena Vista, Salida, Bonanza, Sargents info '18 https://advrider.com/f/threads/buena-vista-salida-bonanza-sargents-info-18.1292183/ Buena Vista, Salida, Bonanza, Sargents info '17 https://advrider.com/f/threads/buena-vista-salida-bonanza-sargents-info-17.1217992/ Buena Vista, Salida, Bonanza, Sargents info '16 https://advrider.com/f/threads/buena-vista-salida-bonanza-sargents-info-16.1149274/ Salida/Sargents Help (somewhat dated but still useful) https://advrider.com/f/threads/salida-sargents-help.909585/#post-22037965 Not much in early May; much better by late May. Moab will be very rideable in May.... Not Colorado, but schedules are a cruel limitation on options.
  8. "XR250R RFVC engines were 6-speed; previous engines were 5-speed." I shoulda stopped at the semi-colon. As you pointed out, some previous engines were 6 speeds. Going on recollections, and I didn't fact check. Many in our crowd rode Honda XRs and XLs in many sizes starting back in '79 or so. Still need the pictures......
  9. [Is there a particular side of the engine casing I should photograph?] Take engine pictures of the right and left sides showing cylinder area and engine cases. Also include a shot of the head - 2 vs 4 valve info. Take one of the exhaust port area where the exhaust pipe connects to the engine in front.. Take carb side shot, including engine/carb junction. That's 5 pictures. XR250R RFVC engines were 6-speed; previous engines were 5-speed. (BZZZT-wrong, see posts below.) There is an engine serial number at the base of the center cases; don't know if it's left side or right side. Take a picture; the serial number will tell the tale. Check the frame downtube or steering tube area behind the headlight for the motorcycle ID tag; a metal plate affixed to the frame that tells the model and year of manufacture. On newer models, the VIN is stamped into the metal. Take a picture. That's 7 pictures altogether. Post 'em and we'll have a look.
  10. ramz

    W.I.P. 1983 XR350 in Phoenix

    1983 Honda XR350R HEADLIGHT fiche BULB (6V35/35W) (7324) (OSRAM) 34901-383-611 Google >bulb 7324 OSRAM< Search Results OSRAM SYLVANIA 7324 | Bulb 35 WATTS 6 VOLTS $17.43 - Interlight Replacement Bulb for Miniature Lamp S2 6v 35w Narva 49521 ... - eBay Replacement For OSRAM SYLVANIA 7324 Replacement Light Bulb ... Amazon - BINGO Replacement For 7324 Light Bulb is compatible with OSRAM SYLVANIA by Technical Precision Price: $36.40 & FREE Shipping Partzilla BULB (6V35/35W) (7324) (OSRAM) 34901-383-611 by Honda Currently Unavailable.
  11. ramz

    Wanted to buy your stock muffler

    Just for reference: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC lists the new parts/prices: 2004 Muffler + Arrester assembly retail $815, their price $653 2017 Muffler + Arrester assembly retail $1050, their price $844 Neither year shows a separate price for the diffuser (aka insert), but the speculation is that it is included in the arrester assembly. And other online dealers don't show a separate price for the diffuser, either. Good luck finding a diffuser - most riders toss it after they first ride their bikes in the driveway. You can make your own diffuser... Most have the spark arrester.
  12. ramz

    Is 12010-KSC-A10 a ready to use head?

    Check your messages..............
  13. ramz

    Wanted to buy your stock muffler

    With or without the diffuser? . . How about the spark arrestor? Where do you live? UK, Europe, New Zealand, Brazil - not interested. Shipping and Duty are outrageous. USA - possible. Colorado - I've got one just for U.
  14. ramz

    CRF250F how its made

    Selected CRF250F Service Manual pages are shown here: http://rickramsey.net/CRF250Fdoc.htm
  15. ramz

    CRF250F how its made

    Minor changes - I was able to update the specifications table with info from the newly-arrived 2019 CRF250F Service Manual. http://rickramsey.net/CRF250F.htm