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    Riding With Slower Riders

    I usually ride with the same group of guys every weekend. A pretty fast "A" class rider, 2 Vet "B" class riders and once in a while we get 1 or 2 newcomers that are usally fast "C" or "B" class riders. I have tried a few things that have helped me. Some of these I would suggest you try and some of the others, not so much but just be smart about it. 1) Slowest rider starts first, then the next fastest (leaving approx 2-3 mins behind the slowest rider), so on until the fastest rider leaves last. The leader (whoever that is at the time) picks the trail. Usually by the time I have passed everyone, everybody else is in thier respective positions as well (slowest guy last, fastest guy first, etc). Stop, everyone rests and BS's at the same time then go do it again. You just have to be able to either see the dust or watch for tire tracks (depending on the terrain). If not, just make sure everyone knows that if they turn off of a main trail to a single track (or whatever) the person behind them sees them turn or can see thier tracks. 2) Tell everyone to meet at a specific time to start your ride. You go an hour or so earlier, get a good loop in by yourself (make sure your partners know your route) and then go for a ride with them for a cool down loop. Usually I can get in a good hard 40 mile ride before my buddies show up. 3) I have an old 83 husky. I punish myself with that bike, riding with my buddies, then take my new bike out for another loop after Im done riding with them. In cases 2 and 3, I ALWAYS ride the same loop when I ride by myself. As soon as I get back to my truck I text one of the guys and let them know I made it back safe and sound. They all know if they dont hear from me in a couple of hours after I take off to come looking for me and they know exactly where to look. Good luck.
  2. pipi_longsocks

    Moving to American Falls, ID

    Lots of places to ride over there. Right in American falls (over by Lamb Weston) there are multiple tails, desert terrain...sage brush, sand, lava rocks, etc. called Lake channel. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=american+falls&jsv=107&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=34.396866,74.443359&ie=UTF8&ll=42.759428,-112.908382&spn=0.031131,0.072699&z=14 . Much of it is ridable, but some is not, mostly down by the river, since it is Indian reservation. Also, your about 15 minutes from Pocatello, which has a bunch of single track trails. Trail Creek, Scout Mountain, Blackrock, etc. You are also somewhat close to some of the best sand dunes around in St. Anthony. If you want motocross, there is the Pocatello Motocross park by the airport just outside of American falls, or going the other way (towards Boise) you can ride Rupert motorcoss track. Need your bike worked on, parts or accesorries? Head to Aberdeen- 15 mins from downtown Amercian falls. Krehbiels Cycle Sales is the best around. He can also give you the ins\outs of the desert.
  3. pipi_longsocks

    Any 505 XC-F ride reports?

    Here is my take but 1st a little background.... Im coming off of an 06 KX450, which I loved. Have been a loyal kawasaki fan for 20 years. Im 6ft4, 205lbs geared up, "A" class rider, 32 Years old. Never rode a KTM before this one. The thing that sold me on this bike was the roomy cockpit and the Estart. Now to the ride. Ive had the bike a little under a month, and by no fault of mine (as you will see below) have only 3 rides on it. I ride mostly desert terrain (sand washes, rocks, highspeed stuff, etc.) Pros: The bike has pretty good power thru every gear (lugging and top end). Feels very light and move-able in the air. Suits my size very well, perhaps even better than the KX. There are reports that the seat is uncomfortable on the KTMs, but I have no problems with it. Getting about 55-60 miles out of a (stock) tank of gas (without the reserve). I do wish the main part of the tank was bigger, and the reserve (about .4 gal) a little smaller though. Cons: Stock rear tire isnt very good. After 3 rides Im missing about 15 nobbies right down the middle. Primary sprocket seal is leaking. Dealer said the other 505 xc they sold also leaked. My front tire kicked up a rock and put a hole in the bottom of the starter cover. My own fault for not riding with a skid plate, but still the material isnt very strong. Buying new tools (Torx, huge hex) are kind of a pain. Hard starting, which I think may be the pilot jet too thick. Lastly- I try not to comment on the suspension this early since I want the bike to be broke in before I mess with anything. However, I did go 2 clicks harder from stock on the compression both front and rear and it seems to work pretty good. Could go one more click on the rear, but dont want to get too carried away yet. Hope that helps.