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  1. I scooped up an 09 Z400 FI and am in need of chassis setup advice. Please reply with your facebook id so I can chat with ya about it.

  2. I sometimes use 3 master links on my 130 horsepower banshee, depending on gearing......As long as you use a good chain and the same attaching chain and the correct master links you will be fine.
  3. I just pieced together a 434cc kit from them for 356.97+ 10.00 for shipping. I was suprised when I looked all the parts up seperately!!! Saved a few bucks!!!!!! It took 3 days after payment to recieve all items!!! Awesome service. It is one of the fourplay cylinders, it is made by namura. Not sure if they are good or bad yet, as I have not installed it. But it looks every bit as nice as the cylinder works kit I just installed on another bike. One thing to look for when ordering from this particular ebay seller is to search for the part as KFX400, LTZ400, DVX400, and DRZ400 as the topend stuff is all the same. He has auctions individually for each machine and each part. And wierd enough the prices are different..............
  4. What needle and where is the clip?? I run a 170 main 48 pilot, my setup is close to yours.
  5. Yamaha

    If your fibers are the same as a banshee, I would use the fzr street bike fibers. I have been using them for a couple years now with great success!!! I have a 110hp engine plus I have sprayed the crap out of it!!!! The yami # is 4h7-16321-02. You can by them by the peice and use your stock steels!!!
  6. I know of a few companies that have built turbo Yamaha Banshees. They are quite tempermental, to say the least. But once dialed in there is nothing like them. I know A&S racing in Mi. has made around 200hp with a banshee. And that is with modified stock carbs and no portwork to the cylinders or cases at 25 psi of boost!!!!! The bike ran 9.80's at 130mph in the 1/4.
  7. Yamaha

    The pipe wrap is a bad idea. It will not allow the pipe to function as it is supposed to. You need to let the heat out....not trap it in. Do some studying you will see what I mean. By the way nice looking bike......If you end up finding a place for alky, the pwk is a better alky carb anyhow....just get it converted!!! Have you tried local race tracks.....roundy round or drag strips??? That is where I pick up alky usually.
  8. I don't have the engine anymore!!! Too much maintenance!!!!! The drag bike is a rigid......sooooo no dunes!!! In the dunes I ride a Z400.
  9. Cut a perfectly good set of cases in half.....weld the mag side on another set of cases, get a $1500 custom crank made, ignition from a rotax triple........and you got yourself a timebomb!!!!!!!!! That is how we did it back in the day. Now they are fairly popular and a couple companies make billet triple banshee cases and top ends!!!
  10. The primary drive gears would be easiest!!! We do it on the asphault drag banshees to get more top end out of the bike. We also change the primary from a helical gear to a straight cut gear for added strength. There are also companies out there that will make complete billet trans in custom ratios....but they are pricey.....very pricey!!!!!!! I think we paid about 3g's for the trans in the triple banshee!!!!!!
  11. Suzuki

    The fan on mine hardly ever comes on. I can only remember a handful of times in the 3 years I have had it.
  12. Yamaha

    Port work looks good!!!!! Did he raise the exhaust port at all?? What are you using for reeds?? I would look into some carbon fiber reeds! I would look into getting a custom pipe in the future, you will be surprised how much it will add!! I would guess high 40's for horsepower.
  13. Yep...the guys are all correct. But tell us a bit about the motor. What is it? Whats done to it? Is it a piston port or reed valve motor? You can buy triple banks of carbs all the time off snowmobiles on ebay for less than $100.00. I would definetely go that route. But tell us about themotor and I'll give you a good idea of what you want for carbs.
  14. Suzuki

    I have an Alba exhaust and it makes real good power for cheap.
  15. I'll be there with a group of 7-8 quads.