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  1. I have one husqvarna TE450 2004 and during the track with temperature of the engine above of 90°C degrees the system of drive of the clutch he does not function:mad: , although use all the resources of the regulation on cluth lever. Aditional informations: Engine = 3,000 km (only used on trail). Magura Hydraulic Clutch system with Oil manual especified, end it is new:thumbsup: . Oil engine = Agip Sintered SAE 15-50W (each 3 trail I change oil and oil filter:thumbsup: ). One friend recommended to use the Brembo 600 in magura hydraulic clutch system because you dry boiling point of 316°C (601°F). But in specifications document has --> 600 Brembo LCF plus must not be used in Brake Systems containing magnesium parts. Then I ask. Can I uses this product will be try the solution with Hydraulic Clutch problem above? Somebody already used in the clutch hydraulic system?? Please, forgiven my mistake errors in text, i'm beginner student in English language. Kind Regards Sergio
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    WR 400 - backfireing

    [QUO:thumbsup: TE=Rick_pereira;1629794]Hey ,for all of you !!!! I have a Yamaha wr 400 (00) . Ok, i only ried sunday mornings with some friends and i am having the fallowing problem, the bike starts great and for a few miles it runs great to(clean acceleration in all rpm and throttle range) but when the engine starts to warms up it bigins to backfire and it feels like it´s going to stall after 1/2 throttle but if i keep riding it only up to 1/3 of throttle comes up to be ok again(clean acceleration in all rpm and throttle range) doring the rest of the ride if i give it throttle to fast at low rpm it does the same thing again ,then again if i keep ridin only up to 1/3 of throttle for a while it will be ok again. Carb. and ingene have all original parts (eccept for exaust pipe), settings are acording to specification book. If any of you cold help i would apriciate Thanks and sory about the inglis!!!!!