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  1. I recently purchased a slim line fan kit for my 2007 KTM 450EXC and all was great, but during the install the temp probe that goes into the bottom right radiator snapped off at the threads...guess I torqued too much. Anyhow, I want to replace just that part; any idea where I can get it from? I've looked all over eBay and the internet, but no luck. The temp probe doesn't have any part number on it, only the temp range it switches at (which happens to be 100/95 C). Thx.
  2. bakomx

    Cylinder Head Rebuild

    Thx, I'll give both a call.
  3. I've got a YZ450F that has some damage to the intake valves and the intake cam journals & caps. One option is to purchase all new parts and rebuild, but I wanted to know if anyone has any contacts to rebuild the head. A friend of mine said that several years ago he had an outfit rebuild a head for an Honda XR100 that he used to have. Can anyone recommend a reputible shop in the USA that could do this sort of work? Currently, I am looking at about $600-$800 to purchase new parts and rebuild (on my own). I'm looking to save a few bucks, but still get a decent rebuild. Thanks.