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  1. Kawasaki

    it is just the rear carrier beraing... theyare sealed bearings there is not supposed to be any play.... the carrier bearing kit comes with the 2 new bearingsand the 2 seals needed to do the job it runs about $ 45 for the moose it and if you have basic mecanical abilities it is pretty easy to do !!
  2. white smoke- burning coolant or water in the gas... possibly head gasket blue smoke - the piston rings are sealing to the head so you are burning oil black smoke- just running a little rich... on start up it's normal because you would normally use the choke which makes it run rich..
  3. i heard that the oil light on the kfx 400 can tell you if the CDI is junk..... anyone know anything about this???
  4. Kawasaki

    the power commander allows you to change your power curve and it will also alow you to lean out and richen the bike just on the computer... it is a great upgrade is you have after market exhaust or air filter or even a big bore... it makes life quicker and easier unlike jetting a carb.. quad!!!
  5. Kawasaki

    i think the ltr 450 it the nastiest stock quad to ever leave the showroom it is low and wide perfect for the track
  6. Kawasaki

    i'm sure that there a few different shocks off different quads that will fit i don't know where you are located but you could check a shop that sells used parts or check out
  7. i just got offered a 2002 raptor 660r with the 700 big bore kit and some other upgrades... for my 03 kfx 400 with minor mods like slip on pipe and wheels and rotor... i like to ride on motocross tracks and hit huge jumps... i sometimes ride in the trails... but i want the quad that will be better for the racetrack ??? should i trade???? what do you think ????
  8. if you put a revbox or dyna kit on you kfx or z 400 and still have your stock one let me know i will buy the stock one my cdi just shit the bed.....
  9. Kawasaki

    just get the carb cleaned... and make sure to often clean you air filter.... try to runn a higher octane gas like 93 or something...
  10. Kawasaki

    i have a 2003 kfx 400 and it has no spark i checked the plug and noticed some mud around the plug boot.... it started yesterday it would misfire at hight rpm... then it would only start for a few seconds at a time then loose spark.... now it has no spark all together..... any one else have this problem ???? what can it be and how can i test it... i have all necessary tools to run tests i just don't know where to start.. i usuly work on harleys.....
  11. does any one know the laws of registering a bike?? not for the road just for trail riding... is it really worth it ?
  12. it could need to have the valves shimmed....
  13. you are a dumb ass....haha just kidding they are all drainages lined so it really doesn't matter.... usually they are still bent in the shape of however you take them off and sometimes you can tell from that....
  14. I'd say go for it and if you have any question on your way through it just ask someone on thumper talk they all helped me get my crf together and running strong...
  15. does any one know the db on a D.R.D SS pipe and silencer system???