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  1. ORANGE 525

    1992 Ktm 550 Mx

    Im looking for parts for a 1992 KTM 550 That i bought off my son. I need plastics, a seat cover and grafics, Help me. Thank you Gene
  2. ORANGE 525

    07 525 EXC Break-In, Jetting Required?

    I have 200 Miles on mine. I did the JD Jetting after 80 Miles. Had to set idle screw a few times. The Manual says Valve adjust after 3 hrs...What do you guys think?? Gene
  3. ORANGE 525

    KTM 2007 525 exc-G Racing

    Thank you Bryan.
  4. I just bought a 2007 KTM 525 KTM exc. Street Legal. I Changed the Exhaust with a Ktm Racing Can, thats not so baffled. Rejet the carb with the JT Jetting. The bike runs owsome. Gearing is a little tall, i wanted to change The sprockets to get a lower gearing. Dirt Bike Magazine for March has the 450 exc Changed from a 15 to 45 to a 14 to 50. and still does 90. What do you guys think? Also how do i know how long of a chain to buy? Help me. Thank you