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  1. jrbruin

    1997 CR125 Wont kick start but will pull start

    My initial thoughts before you later updates were pilot jet or some other gumming up of the carb. It sounds like those are all clean now. How sure are you that the top end was just redone? Did someone tell you that, or did you see reciepts or did you do the work yourself? The reason I ask is that being able to bump start but not kick start is often an indication of low compression. Also, have you checked the airboot to make sure there's not a shop towel or something in there? If the engine isn't getting enough air, it could potentially behave like that.
  2. jrbruin

    What is this dripping from my bike?

    +1 seriously.. if you've ever seen what a thrown chain can do to cases it doesn't look anything like that little tiny black spot. Usually looks like someone took a chisel and sledge to your case.
  3. jrbruin

    jumping a 2 stroke ?

    so I was watching that video.. looks like the bigger jumps he's keeping it on the pipe up pretty much all the way until he's off the ramp. The smaller jumps he's letting off quite a bit earlier - and sometimes he'll let off early and give it a blip right before takeoff. So confusing for a newbie... the 4 stroke seems simple, gas it until you're in the air or it'll nose dive. The 2 stroke I'm not so sure..
  4. jrbruin

    98 cr250r - clutch draggin

    sounds like it was just stuck from sitting.. I had that issue a week ago after the bike sat for a little bit. I just pushed it in neutral, hopped on and put it in gear and after it warmed up the clutch was fine. Also could try just giving it some gas before you shift into first so it doesn't stall. Not sure about not being able to shift gears, sounds like you might not have put it together properly.
  5. jrbruin

    97 cr250 ignition coil

    I'd rather not admit this, but my ignition was fine... I left a paper towel in the airbox when I cleaned the air filter. Doh! So if you're getting the same measurements as me, it's probably not the coil. Do you have a manual? I'd move on to check the resistance of the stator.
  6. jrbruin

    97 cr250 ignition coil

    There are three terminals on the coil.. the one on the left is the primary, the middle one is the high tension lead, and the 3rd terminal is the spark plug wire. The manual as I understand it says to measure from the primary (the far left terminal) to the sparkplug cap.
  7. jrbruin

    97 cr250 ignition coil

    Nobody? I took a wire wheel and polished the contact surface where the coil connects to the frame - the spark gets a tiny bit better, enough that it'll actually fire. But not enough that it will stay running. It acts like it's running rich, which makes sense if the spark is weak because it's not able to burn all the fuel. Anybody check the resistance of their coil recently?
  8. jrbruin

    97 cr250 ignition coil

    I recently bought a 97 cr250, ran great - always started first kick - for about a week. Took it out for it's maiden voyage in the dirt and before I got out of the parking lot it fouled a plug, replaced the plug - then it wouldn't fire. Looking at the spark it's really weak. I don't see any loose connections and I think it's suspicious that we removed the plug and it suddenly stopped working. I'm thinking most likely culprit is spark plug wire/cap or coil. So I checked the coil resistance against the manual and I'm getting 11k Ohms across the secondary to the spark plug cap. Without the cap I get ~6k ohms. The manual says 9-16ohms from secondary to spark plug cap, so I'm 1000x off. I ordered a used coil/cap off e-bay, it just got here today and it has the same exact measurements! Now I'm wondering if the manual is wrong or if I'm measuring the wrong spot or something. Can anyone confirm that they see 9-16ohms and not kohms? I'd like to know that I'm not crazy before I send back the coil that I bought off e-bay and buy a brand new one. Thanks
  9. Yeah, I'd never heard it called that before either. Looks like he's talking about the wrist pin bearing or needle bearing is the term I'd heard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gudgeon_pin
  10. Just so I'm clear when I do my top end.. the evidence of "blow by" is the discoloration on the piston below the rings, right?
  11. You get my point, but yeah - sounds like you've got sufficient evidence that it had been done. In my case, all I've got is good compression and the previous owner's story. The rest of the bike looked pretty neglected, so I'm not taking his word for it.
  12. Unless you were there when the previous owner put in the new top end, this is most likely your problem. Seems that alot of sellers will say they just put in a top end and only rode it to church on Sundays. I just bought a bike and the previous owner said he had only ridden it a few times since he bought it and that the guy he bought it from had just done the top end before selling it. I haven't pulled the top end to inspect it, but believe me it's getting a new top end soon. I'm hoping I pull it and everything looks perfect, but the point is that you don't know until you inspect it yourself.
  13. jrbruin

    Countershaft leak

    I just replaced mine.. Pretty easy.. Get a new spring washer, o-ring, and bolt as well as the c/s seal. You should be able to pull the old seal by removing the bushing w/ pliers and then prying the seal out. I removed mine by drilling holes in it and then threading in some screws and pulling it out, but afterwards realized it would have been easier to just do it the other way.
  14. jrbruin

    KTM 520 EXC engine rattle

    Haha, same here about the skidplate... It seems to reflect alot of noise, when I have mine on I hear the strangest noises. In any case, I think you've already answered your question, especially when you said it got really bad as you were about to stall. Once the idle drops below about 1500rpm the auto-decompresser engages which makes a god-awful racket - ting!ting!ting! with every thump... time to give it some gas
  15. jrbruin

    KTM Noob???'s Running Hot or Not

    Keep 'er under 248, got it... My bike still has the stock jetting, not as lean as the newer models are, but I think either a JD kit or an E series needle might make her run a bit cooler, oh and a fan. I don't want to have to start running red lights just because I'm afraid my bike is gonna overheat