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  1. scott_01_xr400

    dr z400s

    I am pretty sure I have a Kouba link around here somewhere that I would sell if you are interested.
  2. scott_01_xr400

    Aftermarket Carb - is this the right Edelbrock?

    I have the Edelbrock pumper on my 2001. Still going strong after all this time. I love how easy it is to adjust the needle for flatland or mountains. I had the Mikuni first and it actually had a better hit to it, but it interfered with the starter when I put electric start on my XR400.
  3. scott_01_xr400

    Gunnison Colorado trail riding.

    make sure you have rain gear and tire repair kits too.
  4. scott_01_xr400

    Just got a CRF250X

    Where in KS are you? That was meant for the OP.
  5. scott_01_xr400

    CRF250X hits the Jeep Trails (video)

    where in Kansas is this?
  6. scott_01_xr400

    3 days at Taylor Park

    I thought the entrance to Dr Park was at dinner station. Has that changed and it is one-way down now?
  7. scott_01_xr400

    Tool kit

    for the price, those KTM tools should be gold plated.
  8. scott_01_xr400

    2005 CRF250X Won't Start

    Does it fire with starting fluid?
  9. scott_01_xr400

    Knee pads

    I never used to wear knee guards. Started riding dual-sport/dirt when I was about 27. At 35, I wrecked and shattered my kneecap. So for the last 22 year, I have not had a kneecap in my right knee. Get some kind of knee guards. Even if they are inexpensive ones. Something is better than nothing. You can live without a kneecap but the way they had to hook the tendons up, the leverage is all wrong so although I can walk pretty normal, I can't make the motion like stepping up on a stool or similar with my right leg because the muscle leverage does not work right.
  10. scott_01_xr400

    Holy Cross

    I have done this a couple times. First time was in 1988 with a street legal Honda XL350R and my buddy on a Yamaha XT350. We started in Taylor Park, rode up over Taylor Pass, down into Aspen, took the highway over Independence Pass and then over to Holy Cross City. Rode up and actually ended up with a square nail puncturing my tire up near the townsite. My buddy rode back to Taylor Park by way of Buena Vista while I hitched a ride in another rider's truck into Leadville. My buddy made it back to Taylor but ran into snow over Cottonwood so called the gas station we were supposed to meet at and said he was not coming back that night. I found a hotel across the street and in the morning he was back with a tube and a tire around his waist. We swapped them out and headed back up to the top and then hiked all the way up to where the bucket line was at the very top meadow area. From what I remember, on a bike it is like 45 minutes from bottom to top. Rode it again in 2000 and there was a bridge across the mud bog area this time that was not there back in 1988. Would love to do it again.
  11. scott_01_xr400

    DIY Coolant heated handle bars

    Fuel hose is not made for antifreeze and not for those temperatures either. Most likely, the tube will become brittle and start to break off inside and run into your radiator. At some point, it may just fail and spray hot antifreeze everywhere. SS braided hoses will most likely have Teflon tubes so they could be used.
  12. scott_01_xr400

    3 days at Taylor Park

    permits also avail at any walmart
  13. scott_01_xr400


    I have Foremost insurance. I found them cheaper than Progressive. Mine is $350 per year for 7 bikes and a trailer but they don't all have full coverage on them. I think progressive would not insure my enclosed trailer unless I had the tow vehicle with them also.
  14. scott_01_xr400

    What oil can I put in my crf250x

    do a search. this has been hashed out many times.
  15. scott_01_xr400

    !!PLEASE HELP URGENT!! 2005 crf250x

    does it pop at all with starting fluid? that would take the carb out of the equation.