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    Canyons & Colorados

    I Have crew cab with the 3.5 5-cylinder. Its not that great on gas....usually like 19-24 depending how I drive it. I would wait the the V8 but it may be pricey. Also remember that the crew cab is a 5.5 foot bed. If you got a bike in there you can't shut the tailgate.
  2. skubasteev

    Should I Have this Removed?

    Thanks, That's all I needed to hear.
  3. skubasteev

    Should I Have this Removed?

    As the title states. Should I remove this screw? The doctor seemed to do a good job and it barely limits the flexabilty of my foot. I am just concerned that it may be a problem in the future.
  4. skubasteev

    Exhaust repacking questions YZ426F

    Also make sure you are using steel rivets. I used aluminum ones before and they only lasted 2 races.
  5. skubasteev

    yz400 fuel screw question

    Mine was like that. I took a round file and made the hole in the float bowl bigger.
  6. skubasteev

    Kinda offtopic but kinda not

    Be patient. Save your money and keep the bikes. I regret gitting rid of my old bikes.
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    Do you mean "Frame Sliders"
  8. skubasteev

    99' Yz400 Help!

    Tried That
  9. Ok, the bike will start with the choke on but then dies if I turn the choke off....even after it warms up. I've checked all the jets and they are clean and not plugged. Is there anything else I should look at? Has anyone else had this prob? I believe all the jets are stock. Any help would be appreciated.