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  1. acer

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    where did you get the showa for decals?
  2. acer

    Starting ain't easy

    The jet options, what is best for the bike, there is 2 isn't there? Do I check valve clearance to the book? Does anybody else have trouble finding nautral? I know you can a better 'black box' (behind the front number plate) it's ment to give a better spark, do they really work? Thanks for the comments.
  3. acer

    Starting ain't easy

    Hi guys, I got a problem with my CRF 250 '04. I only use it for enduro's (3 hr race). Problem is, if I'm riding & i stall it I have difficulty getting it into nautral. And starting it afterwards can take up 15 kicks (i use the the hot start). It dosen't start that well cold either! If the bike is hot & i'm not moving, put it in nautral & press the kill switch. It starts first or second kick... I'm sure the stalling of it is partly me but there must be something else too. I've had a new piston, plug, valves (S/S) gaskets & seals all done. Any ideas?