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    2004 Honda crf250r

    i bought a crf250r 2004 in the summer of 2006 and i have never had any problems with it, it started making a noise yesterday from the engine, that was only happening when i revved it,(the noise sounded like the noise from the silencer) also i had trouble starting it in the morning and then i noticed the exhaust valve was tight. can any one help? thanks matt
  2. matpugo

    06 Motor noise

    hi, i have a crf250r 2004 model and i was out riding yesterday and it started making a new noise from the engine. im not the most mechanically minded person so im not sure what it could be. the only way i can describe it is the noise that you can normally hear from the silencer, also seems to be coming from the engine but not as loud and not as deep.its never made this noise before. can you give me any tips. thanks matt