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  1. Gadget Rider

    CRF150F: Is there an oil filter?

    There doesn't seem to be a screen on the 06, just a drain plug, from what I can see.. I was looking at one at the dealer's..hence my question...
  2. I'm looking at the 05' and it has an oil screen but no filter at the oil drain plug. Then I looked at an 06 with the all new engine and can't see where the oil screen or oil filter would be.. is there one, or is it just a matter of draining the oil and that's it?
  3. Gadget Rider


    Thanks for the links!
  4. For the CRF150, is it worth it, I'm not doing any other mods, is it worth it or is the stock air filter good enough? I'm not racing with it, or even going very fast!! Just for pleasure riding.
  5. Gadget Rider

    CRF230F with CRF150F wheels?

    Here's the deal, I can get a set of wheels from a CRF150R, not 150F. The rear wheel comes with a disc, so that won't do.. and the front rotor of the R model is smaller than the F model's, so I guess these wheels won't fit.. Gotta find F model wheels.
  6. Gadget Rider

    CRF230F with CRF150F wheels?

    It would only be a temporary solution... Thanks for your feedback.
  7. I know I could lower the CRF230 with Koubalinks, but was also wondering if wheels from the CRF150F would fit the 230? any ideas?
  8. I'm trying to find the part numbers for the Acerbis or IMS tanks and would like to hear from anyone who's used them or knows which is one is preferable. Also, are they straight bolt ons, or do they need any mods and will the tank shrouds still fit if I use the IMS tank? Also, I seem to be hopeless at finding KLX300 parts in the TT store, is there a way to search for bike specific parts? I put KLX300 in their search box to no avail. Thank you for helping a KLX noob
  9. I did a search and did not find one listed. I'm looking for the factory maintenance schedule for the KLX300R. I haven't bought one yet, but I'm seriously considering it and would like to see what's the schedule look like. My other consideration is the KLX250S, but finding one used is still impossible. Thank you.
  10. Gadget Rider

    CRF150: Is there a throttle governor available?

    He'll be fine.. he's a natural.. except he hasn't yet learned to use the clutch, so I thought just in case he gives it too much gas and ends up on his ass... anyway, he'll learn quickly I'm sure. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Gadget Rider

    CRF150F: E-start retrofit possible?

    I actually haven't bought anything yet, but I've got a 150 in my sights and it's a pre e-start model. I think I'll settle for kick start.. I like the zero maintenance aspect, even though on some off camber trails, it might be easier to push the magic button. Thanks for your feedback
  12. Gadget Rider

    CRF150: Is there a throttle governor available?

    He's learned to ride on clutchless bikes and this will be the first bike he learns to ride using a clutch. I tried him on a CRF230, but he's not quite tall enough for it. I could get lowering links for it, but I'm afraid it might be too heavy for him. On the 150, he can flat foot it on both sides. Any thoughts on that? or other bike suggestions?
  13. I'm getting my son on a 150 and want to make sure he doesn't accidentally launch himself.. is there a governor that I can add to the throttle to limit it's travel? If so, would you be able to provide me with a link to the site? Thanks!
  14. Gadget Rider

    CRF150f Power Up Great results

    Is there a "power up" kit that someone sells? Is there a link that you could provide? Thanks.
  15. Gadget Rider

    CRF150F: E-start retrofit possible?

    Thank you for the informative replies!!