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  1. huskyden

    husky te510 unfixable clutch problem

    just make sure that the nuts on the back clear everything underneath when you put it back in.this was one of the issues in using locknuts with nylon in them.have you taken the full engine casing off or just the inspection clutch cover?.i took the round inspection cover off at first but when i took the engine casing off i found all of the rivets lying in the bottom.
  2. huskyden

    husky te510 unfixable clutch problem

    hi have had the same problem with the large cog seperating from the clutch basket.mine is also a te510 2004 model.i have aslo got mine in supermoto trim.after the third fix i put the strongest countersunk bolts in i could easily fine,10.5 grade i think,and mig welded the nuts onto the otherside.it seems to have worked but i have only used the bike once since the last repair.hope this helps..
  3. huskyden

    How many hrs/miles on your 450 or 510

    around 2500 miles most in supermoto trim.oil seems to come out nearly as clean as it goes in.had problem with clutch basket rivets shearing but seems ok now.changed exhaust shims and one inlet shim but were fine last check.have put knobblies back on for winter to do a lot more off road i hope!.
  4. huskyden

    s/m wheels on my te 510 ?

    hi i have a 04 te510 with 17" talon/excel supermoto rims that i bought to fit the husky.i rang talon engineering asking the question of spacer sets to make rims fit from other makes,as you see them on ebay stating that they "will fit other bikes with the correct spacer set".i was told that talon do not sell spacers for this purpose.i think that spindle size was an issue as well.hope this helps.
  5. could anyone tell me what the procedure is to input the wheel circumference into the speedo.the bike has 17" talon/excel supermoto front rim but the speedo is not like the older ones that use a ballpoint pen in the back.the bike has 3 buttons on left bar.
  6. huskyden

    TE450 Service Manuals?

    i have a manual for a 2004 te 510 on pdf file i could try to email you.does anyone know if they are compatable??
  7. huskyden

    2004 te 510 transmission trouble

    sounds like good advice.i will try to put it into practice.thanks
  8. huskyden

    2004 te 510 transmission trouble

    replaced rivets with countersunk bolts and everything seems ok.rode bike and it feels and sounds as good as it has ever been.the cost of this was around £2 for bolts and 3-4 hours of my time.
  9. huskyden

    2004 te 510 transmission trouble

    bike has around 2k miles on it.have been using it in supermoto trim.this is the only issue i have had with it.
  10. huskyden

    2004 te 510 transmission trouble

    found the cause of the problem.the clutch basket has sheared the rivets that hold it to the large cog underneath (not sure of its correct title).managed to get all of the broken rivets out of the casing with a magnet.will source some countersunk allen head bolts to replace missing rivets and let everyone know if this works.
  11. huskyden

    2004 te 510 transmission trouble

    have not had time to open engine up yet but have discovered that if you lean the bike to the magneto side it will go into gear,lean it to the clutch side and every gear feels like neutral.any ideas??
  12. hi ,i have a 2004 te 510 which stopped abruptly today.the bike feels like it is in neutral when it is in gear.the bike starts ok and there are no grinding or other horrible noises.it feels like it is engaging every gear easily and the clutch is turning when the bike is moved when in gear.quickly took the clutch cover off and everthing looks ok.will remove basket etc later to see if that helps.any help on this would be great.many thanks
  13. huskyden

    te 510 suspension settings

    does anyone have a good base set up for a te510 2004?.i can set sports bikes up but this is my first supermoto.it is running on dunlop tyres and could anyone tell me what tyre pressures are required.many thanks
  14. does anyone have any suspension settings for a te510 supermoto?.its on standard at the moment and hopefully the 17" wheels will turn up next week.i have had sports and enduro bikes for years but this is my first supermoto.i have quite a good working knowledge of suspension but not how to set up a supermoto bike.many thanks.
  15. huskyden

    exc400 timing

    fantastic thank you very much.den