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  1. Yaapie

    Is it worth upgrading from 011 to 013?

    I would agree with HRC, the 13 is a very different bike. Very settled chassis and easy to tamper with settings without messing up the bikes handling totally. As for power, well I have hole shot many a race now on the "so called" slow 450, the Honda just uses its power better and gets it to the ground far better. And yes add the Yoshimura pipe, gives the bike nice smooth power and more over rev. Never had any issues with fuel leak on any of my CRF's, you may have I sticky injector nozzle, take it in to an injector specialist, they could probably clean it out for you.
  2. Yaapie

    2013 450 picture thread!

    Thanks dude, will post some new pics soon, have added a bit more since that photo
  3. I ran the factory Ohlins TTX forks and shocks in both my 09 and 12 bikes and I will have to say that I would rather have the stock air forks over the TTX any day. I have almost 20hrs on my bike now and they have been perfect and better than any other suspension that I have tried.
  4. Yaapie

    2013 Rear wheel has DIFFERENT offset!

    Sorry for alte reply Wrench62 E-mail me and ill send you prices and and bank details and ill post to you straight away. marque@ihug.co.nz
  5. Yaapie

    Oversize bars on 2013

    I am running Tag oversized bars on my 13, and have the DRC fork pump with the DRC swivel adapter and it works just fine, fiddly when first using but after a couple of times you get a handle on it and its very quick and easy
  6. Yaapie

    Merry Christmas !

    Your on buddy, one things for sure, not too much clean up afterwards!,
  7. Yaapie

    Merry Christmas !

    merry Xmas to you and your family too dude, all the way from little New Zealand.If I ever get to go to Sweden, I would love to catch up for a ride!
  8. I have had the had the Magura on my 09, 12 and now my 13 and have never had any issues with slipping! I maintain that this is by far the best mod you can do to any CRF before any other mod. I ran stock clutches in all bikes, however did run a Rekluse Core EXP in my 12 for 6 months. I never had any spacers in my kit, and was basically a plug and play.
  9. rear shock will fit, front header of exhaust will fit, muffler can be fitted but you will need to modify the muffler mounts to adapt to the rear subframe, easier to sell old muffler and use what you get to buy a replacement unit that fits properly.Slipper clutch plates will fit, inner hub crank drive teeth on the 13 are different to the 12 and they have also gone back to a 6 spring inner hub, so you basically will have to replace complete clutch, I had same problem with my Rekluse Core EXP unit. As for the cam, I would run with the stock unit first, you may like the motor performance already, it's far better thAn the 12 in stock form.
  10. Yaapie

    2013 Rear wheel has DIFFERENT offset!

    all good, the sprocket spacing is still way clear (10mm) of the swing arm and chain tension should be checked before any ride anyway.The CRF450's chain should be the narrow style chains as well, otherwise yes the chain does start grinding the engine housing away. I've always used the DID 520 X Ring on my bikes and have never had an issue.
  11. Hey HRC are you still running the stock chain?
  12. moved my pics to 450 pics thread
  13. moved my pics to 450 pics thread