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  1. I bought the bike used and I think the front sprocket is on backwards. Now I am confused. New Renthal sprocket. Flat side toward engine or facing out?
  2. These are the Team Kawasaki Monster Energy graphics, not the pro circuit. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know who may have these in stock? I have tried 6 places and everyone states they are backordered with no release date.
  4. Are you using the stock pipe or aftermarket? Did you use an aftermarket fuel screw. Mine keeps getting in the way of the crank case vent tube, and when I try to zip tie over, it pinches the tube. We are in West Virgina an are having the problems with the low end bog plus my son states that it is not pulling very hard. I wrote your jetting specs down and will try everything but the needle, which I will order. Thanks for the post. It was a big help. Dale