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  1. CRF'S only store front address- 201 S. Wineville Ave. Unit A Ontario, CA. 91761. Phone #909-758-8034.
  2. Arizona

    Post this over in the California section.
  3. Here you go. Newport Beach- Champion Motorcycles (949)642-4343 Costa Mesa- Three Brothers (949)642-0546 Irvine- Mission Motorsports (949)582-0351 - (800)292-5328 Laguna Hills- Cycle Gear (949)581-7444 - (800)292-5343 Paramount- Mid Cities Motorsports (562)531-1225 - (888)MID-MOTO
  4. I have the Z-Start and love it. I would call Rekluse and ask them about production timing for the EXP. (866)-735-5873 or (208)-426-0659.
  5. 3.2 IMS 05' R to 06' X did not fit.
  6. Show them your grocer's club card. Here in Ca. I receive $.25 cash price drop when I pay cash inside with a Ralph's club card.
  7. You can try ZLT.
  8. California

    Not me. Found on Youtube.
  9. I don't know the cause but I would make sure to run the bike for a long time before you take it home.
  10. Seat time, seat time, seat time. Is all the old fast ever tell me. I'm with CamP, if you have money go learn to ride what you have to the fullest.
  11. I have been running the Z-Start Pro in my 05' for two years with zero stalls (mostly desert). Sounds like something is out of adjustment if you guys are stalling.
  12. I would put a quiet pipe on and race without risking a DQ.
  13. 2002 Honda 300EX- Reserve is down.
  14. Arizona

  15. Arizona

    How about better then average? Anyone.