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  1. On my Yamaha TT600: Pirelli Rallycross MT21, and is very good on wet pavement also!
  2. Check the posts of VINTAGE for example
  3. Reading the YZ250 / 2006 Owners service manual (page 6-14) the electricity produced by the stock stator for the TPS is only 4 - 6 volt, (to operate the TPS needs only 0,5 - 0,7Volt) But did someone try to use the excess electricity to run an (maybe 6 volt) LED headlight?
  4. Call JUST GAS TANKS may be the IT250/78 tank (3,5gal) will fit in your YZ250/78 Check:
  5. Anyone use biodegradable 2 stroke oil? like Yamalube 2W, Castor 927 or Motul BIO 2T, are this type of oils safe enough for 2 stroke high performance engine, like the YZ250?
  6. Stock is 14/50 I will say let the rear stock, and play with the front sprockets: 14, 15 and 16tooth, front sprocket are the same as the old XT600 / but not the rear they are compatible with the 80s & early 90s YZs
  7. Anyone tried to use the electrical current that today’s motocross bikes produce to operate the power jet carb? I find the following article in the Dirt Bike Magazine: Here the two options from Steahly off road:
  8. Yes you need the Rectifier/Regulator and you can replace the batterie with a capacitor.
  9. I think with Steahly (45W) in combination with the newest led technology for example: with 2 lights: Vision X Solstice LED Light Pod Spot each 10 watt Solo produces 800 lumens) Total 20W / 1600 lumens !!
  10. good riders, ride twice per day...
  11. Check these Collapsible Utility Bladder in this page:
  12. Check “the original“ ABC Superbikers 1982 with... Danny Magoo Chandler in action….!!!
  13. Install an dB Snorkel on your YZ and you can ride all the night…. the neighbors never will hear you…
  14. IMS gas tank 3.7 gal check this side:
  15. Put a pair of "SealSavers" or the easier to install "ShockSox"