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  1. ThumperBob

    Quick Jetting Problem

    The pretty skinny one on the right...
  2. ThumperBob

    Quick Jetting Problem

    I called DJ and found out I had the wrong instructions with my kit. And you are correct the 170 main was the ticket, but DJ told me to put the clip on the 3rd slot of the needle instead of the 4th. Bike rips now...
  3. ThumperBob

    Quick Jetting Problem

    I'm just installed a TB slip-on exhaust, with a DJ stage two kit, and K&N filter. Per instructions I installed the 155 main and with the air box cover open the bike idled well but as soon as I applied some throttle the bike cut out. SO I thought putting in the 150 main would help... Same issue. Per instructions I turned out the air fuel mixture screw 2.5 turns out, I changed that to 1 turn out it improved only slightly, but not enough to let me ride. Any ideals what I'm doing wrong???? I have the needle set up per instructions, 4th slot.