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  1. These instructions include getting the springs off.... http://www.twobros.com/Cust_Service/Install_Inst/010-6-44K_Inst.pdf
  2. I will be installing a new set of TBR fork lowers this weekend. They come with new heavy duty springs. Any idea what kind of grease to use on them? Thanks, Andrew
  3. DoooDahMan

    Fork leg

    Thanks, but I went with the TBR fork extention kit. Figured I'd just bend it again so might as well toughen it up. Thanks anyway!
  4. DoooDahMan

    Fork leg

    I bent the right front fork lower on my brand new crf50 the first time I used it. Does anyone have one they want to let go cheap? Mayboe one you swapped out? I really don't want to spend a ton of money to fix something I just bought brand new! Thanks, Andrew