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  1. As soon as I learn how to post pics I will....I have some great shots!
  2. Hey anyone ever here of the (Black Track) in Port Reading NJ. I built it with a few friends in the early 80's. It was near the Hess Refinery close to the Carteret border. We used that track form 1983 to 1993 for training. I would try to do two 40min motos twice a week on my 250 & 500 2-stroke Hondas. Rear tire every 2 weeks on the 500! It would knock the snot out of you after 5 laps it was so whooped out. I couldn't get enough! I still used it on and off thru the years and as recent as early 2006 to teach my daughter how to ride. Now its gone, it sucks! I have ridden in most of the older places mentioned here, like Klein's the old Clay Pits, also in Woodbridge. The Twin Towers, It was a time when the cops would stop and watch me ride... Now they inpound all of my stuff! It would be great to have some free riding areas again!