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  1. rdubya

    Northern Section of ID's Centennial Trail

    Awesome video man! That's pretty much exactly how I remember it! We rode up from Trout Creek via trail 763. Not sure if it is on that same trail, but I remember somewhere there was a natural spring with a pipe that brought water into a wooden whiskey barrel. It's been quite a while since I've been up there, so I'm kind of fuzzy if that's where the barrel was. Looking forward to getting up there this season and riding. If it works out to be the same time I'm up there, I'd sure like to help saw that trail open with you guys. Thanks, Bob
  2. rdubya

    Northern Section of ID's Centennial Trail

    Man! I'd really like to help you out on this one. Some buddies and I used to ride that trail every year. We'd start around Trout Creek, MT and ride over Black Peak, and down into the Murray side. My favorite parts are that super narrow stretch before you get to Black Peak, and also the climb up through the tallus to the top of the peak. On that narrow section you still might be able to see a black stain on a rock where my buddy lost the crankcase oil when he got to looing downhill instead of way out in front of the bike. Haha! Unfortunately I'm stuck living in the Denver area currently, but hope to get up there this summer and do some riding. Bob
  3. rdubya

    Idaho City 100

    Thanks bro. Good luck to you too.
  4. rdubya

    Idaho City 100

    Getting packed up for the race. This will be my first enduro race after several years of wanting to try it. I finally got the chance to go this year. I signed up a little late so Sunday is race day for me. My 06 CRF 450r has the PMB spark arrestor and silent insert and I hope it is quiet enough. My concern stems from the fact that I went to the city police yesterday with my bike so that they could sound test it. I fired it up and the cop's meter read 101.5 at about 4000 rpm. It doesn't sound that loud to me, of course I've been listening diesel burning Cat engines growling on drilling rigs down here for a while now. I hope that he was using the meter wrong. Anyone else running the same setup on their machine. I gotta drive from Vernal, Ut, and I would hate to be DQ'd for the exhaust note. Even if it's too loud, I'm sure I can rig up some sort of field expediant silencer for it. Anyway, it should be a good weekend and am looking forward to it.