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  1. orionwatcher

    pit bike vote

    Knew about the loctite but I forgot all about greasing a new bike. Used to do that all the time back when I was still playing with new bikes. Thanks for the reminder. Also heard it wasn't a bad idea to throw the stock chain away??
  2. orionwatcher


    Hey Thanks guys this the kind of info I was looking for. Please let us know how it's going from time to time.
  3. orionwatcher

    do all the orion frames bend

    Yes please share all you know I would love to hear from an owner!
  4. orionwatcher

    Are No-name bikes worth it?

    But have any of you riden one of these bikes? I would like to know if the Orion 250 really breaks. Not that it will break because it is made in China. In other words what is happening to it in the real world. I understand that it is not a race bike. I also understand it costs less than a race bike. What I am trying to find out is whether or not an old fellerer like me could have fun on it without breaking the bank. I would also expect SOME repair or mods do to lesser quality. Once I find this bike there will be more to follow (read grandkids). This is why I have to be careful about cost. Now if money was no object----. Anyway are there any owners out there? Sorry if I got a little windy.
  5. orionwatcher

    Orion 125 agb 29

    Hi Anyone else out there with any of the other orion products. I was thinking of a 250 mini and a 200 quad. After reading posts here, I am thinking maybe SSR ??