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    New track... need help!

    no... i dont want to say exactly; i will say its between roseville and trukee on I-80. ya if there is any info at all you can give me i would really appreciate it. lets keep in touch.
  2. scottieleeRMZ

    New track... need help!

    i have just recently built a motocross/supermoto track in the nor cal area. it is just a none prophit private track for my family and close friends to enjoy and advance there skills as of now . latley i have been com tinplating whether or not to make it public. I would love for the community to come in and enjoy a new place to ride. i am long time rider/racer myself and i know how hard it is to find an adiquate enough practice/race track to ride on theys days. so i want to bring somthing to my neck of the woods for people who are looking to enhance there riding skills. my question for you is. i need (help)! getting this bikers paradise up and rolling. so i understand that there is alot of legal aspects to look at, like insurance,land laws and permits. but i need the steps and right people to contact. if you have any info that could help. please dont hesitate in sharing any input you might have to offer in steering me in the right direction. at this time, i would like to thank you for your time and efforts in helping me get this track on its feet.