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    Buyer beware (graphics)

    I too read the time info on the web site it stated 14 days to make it and I paid for overnite shipping. So a month was a little much in my opinion. The graphics are good looking if only they were for the bike I ordered them for.
  2. Any one looking for a major disappointment? Then look no further than Factory FX. I ordered a graphics kit for my WR450F in the middle of Feb. I just received it today Mar. 19th. One month later and to top it off they sent me the wrong graphics. The lower fork stickers must be for a different year or model all together they don't fit. The rear fender sticker they sent has no cut out for the tail light which any WR owner knows is necessary. What a joke. Almost $200 countless phone calls and I'm back at ground zero. Oh and their customer service. These guys must be millionaires because they sure didn't seem like they cared if they kept customers or not (extremely rude and uncooperative).