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    dirtbikeing but mostly workin on dirtbikes and anything with an engine
  1. Dave Ginn

    Recharging a shock?

    Not only should you recharge th shock you also change the oil in the shock. It depends on the year but some shocks Are easy to change and some arent. But since this is obviosly a used bike you should change the oil. I have an 84 rm 250 and my manual says recharge the shock to 142 psi and that goes for rm 125,250,465,500 for 81 to 85. Just curios what year do you own
  2. Dave Ginn

    kx 100 price

    Justin I think you could get 3900 everyone that ha sposted has said a grand less then my price but I now for a fact that you could get that
  3. Dave Ginn

    wanting to getting a trials bike

    don't get a trails you won't be able to keep up with me and jason