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  1. i recently got offered a sponsorship deal to get MCR suspension to setup my suspension for my weight and get revalved and whatever else they do to it.. i dont have any big complaints with my suspension but i have never had suspension setup for my weight and riding ability to know what im missing. My question is, is it worth the money to have your suspension setup for you. i have the money to do it but just not sure if i would be better off to save my money or use it somewhere else. any feedback from people who have had there suspension done would be great. my bike is an 05 crf450. thanks
  2. i have an 05 crf450 and i polished the frame last year the upper portion as well as the section that connects to the subframe. i havent had any of the pitting or corrosion as mentioned in the post above. i use the powerball and the power polish that mothers makes for the powerball. i do it prob 3 times a year if that and it only takes about 10 mins a side. if you want to polish go to town. i wouldnt be worried about to much. and if you dont polish a section for a while it just begins to look like it did before you polished it so not a big deal
  3. beardkx125

    O-ring or not for MX

    i wouldnt worry about the nose dropping or not jumping as far. mud and dirt packed into your tire and on your rim will add about as much weight as a oring or xring will. which is very little. the 450 has way to much power to be worrying about a chain. and the oring chain will last much longer than a non oring. buy the best chain you can get and be done with it. i havnt ever heard a report that i crashed or couldnt make that jump because of my oring chain.
  4. i have an 05 crf450r with stock triple clamp. what is the offset of the stock clamp. the 20mm offset is the best for better handling but it makes it less stable at higher speeds correct. im looking to buy a new set off clamps to help the turning and any feedback would be great
  5. beardkx125

    Enzo subtanks. Noticable difference?

    i have the fcr subtanks another well known suspension company. i have them on an 05 crf450r. i needed a little more plushness in the middle of the stroke. these worked great i am very happy i got them. i have had 3 other people ride my bike and try them with the adjuster from one end of the spectrum to the other. they really liked the difference that the tanks made. depending what your symptoms are they are a great addition. if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  6. beardkx125

    15:1 compression piston

    actually when i contacted them to buy the piston they told me that the gaskets were backordered from honda and it would be a week before they would be in. so i got gaskets coming from home and installed the set on thurs. it gives it way more pull i also have the stage 1 hotcam installed. it was very worth while for me gave me the extra power i wanted.
  7. beardkx125

    15:1 compression piston

    powroll now makes a 15:1 kit for a stock 50. it comes with piston and gasket set which is honda gaskets for $150. i think im gonna have to try it.
  8. beardkx125

    15:1 compression piston

    if the 88 kit uses the stock crank then the crank should be fine. and as for the head what is compression gonna do to the head. as long as it doesnt detinate then it should be all right.
  9. has anybody tried the 15:1 compression piston for the 50cc motor not a big bore that powroll sells. wondering how it worked. i race in a class where it has to stay 49cc but that is the only restriction. wondering what the best performance options are.
  10. beardkx125

    120/90-19 on the R / Will it fit?

    i have the 120/90-19 maxxis intermediate tire it is a tight fit between the brake and chain guide but once you get past that it tucks in nicely i havent had any problems with the mud flap or the chain chunking out the tire. i love the way it works on mine and wouldnt go with anything else.
  11. beardkx125

    05 hot start issue

    so is it ok or what. do i need to take the carb apart and clean it or should it be doing what it is doing. i have a race this weekend and would like to make sure it is the right way before the race in case i stahl it and cant get it started again with the hot start.
  12. beardkx125

    05 hot start issue

    yes it is stock i will check to see if there is a crack in that. there is a jet called -by starter jet. part no 99112-meb-0720. its located behind the main jet in the center piece under the carb. any other ideas would be great on how to fix this. should the motor increase rpms when you pull the hot start when running or should it do something different.
  13. beardkx125

    05 hot start issue

    It shows in my manual that there is a third jet in the carb next to the slow jet and main jet is that for the hot start.
  14. beardkx125

    05 hot start issue

    I replaced the hot start cable on my 05 450r last night with my previous cable when i pulled the lever with it running the bike increased rpms. with the new one installed and adjusted the cable as the manual suggested. when i start the bike and pull the lever as normal the bike wants to stahl it doesnt pick up rpms. if i pull it in just a small amount it does rev up. i dont know if i got some dirt in the hole or what. what is the easiest way to clean the hot start port without completely taking the carb apart. thanks.
  15. beardkx125

    Oil in Airbox

    i hate being that guy but, why do you always seem to get the guys that post stuff that doesnt help a bit. like the guy that says put your dipstick in and check the oil. first the crf450r doesnt have a dipstick and im not sure if it wasnt posted correctly in my last post but it is out of oil in 2 laps. which would mean it wouldnt matter how full it was with oil, its completly empty.the other comment it has been together and ran and raced for a couple months so i dont think that its the rings, at least not from improper installation.we are hoping that it isnt the rings.. that is our last resort to tear down that far. he has the athena big bore kit and the gasket set just to check and see if anything is wrong in the piston head area is $100+ for the gasket set. they dont sell just the head and or base gasket together at least not for the big bore kit. we got the oil seals on the flywheel side and are gonna install them tonight hoping that solves the problem. If the seals dont fix the problem i think the only other thing it could be would be a ring or valve problem. unless there are any other ideas that anybody could think of.