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  1. kiwiklx

    Breather hose fitting replacement

    Zip Ty Racing I believe, but their website is currently down.
  2. kiwiklx

    2008 TE250 vs. 2012 TE310

    The wide ratio gear box on the 350 is nicer, My 310 is 12/52, which is ok, but past 50mph it's buzzing. It's manageable in tight bush.
  3. Call it what you like, but consistent look, feel and well defined product lines are important. Is it really a co-incidence that KTM have grown in profile with European/US MX/SX racing success and the best overall looking product range ( that is consistent & cleanly presented ) along with a really nice hard parts strategy. I'll back HR on this one, I think it's huge, not a complete solution obviously, but marketing is a very critical part of the puzzle & now that some core components like parts distribution have been BMW'd I think the overall plan will start becoming more clear. Probably the biggest thing I'd say is it's a massive vote of confidence that it's a step up in BWM from Mini to Husky, to me that is surprising in a good way.
  4. kiwiklx

    2008 TE250 vs. 2012 TE310

    Kawasaki 12 port injector went in yesterday, no ECU or pipe, I have a JD Kit I've got a 11 te310 & came from a '08 txc250, the bikes are worlds apart, the x-light is so responsive, if anything I think there is to much bottom end way more than say a exc350. I do miss the top end of the 250 though, if in trouble you'd spool it to the limiter in 2nd & it would unleash hell ( controllable ). The 310 is more like 3rd gear lower revs & unleash a fury of torque ( which I struggle to control ). My favourite upgrades are Shorai Battery, better shielding on the positive lead to the battery, JD kit ( it's totally derestricted as well ).
  5. The Finke desert race in Oz is pretty cool and the A4DE ( Aussie 4 day enduro ) does well, it's more the series that are struggling. Two man cross country is getting some good numbers in NZ ( swap riders and or bikes every lap ). The economy has not exactly helped, but it looks to me like peoples tastes are changing and they don't just want to race, the two man becomes a very social event in the pits, which I think is a big part of the attraction.
  6. There are some seriously professional motorsport teams in Oz, their loose equivalent of NASCAR the V8 Supercars rocks big time & Chad Reed spent quite some time with the Vodafone Team management from memory in the last few years before he started his own team ( unlikely to be a coincidence how successful the launch of his own team was ). Maybe tangential to PFG, but I think that professionalism filters through the motorsport community. The biggest issue from over here I see they face is their GNCC, the AORC ( Aussie Off Road Cup ) is not generating the sort of numbers competing they need, I still can't believe the competitor numbers at GNCC events in the US, it makes for something very special and I don't think either Aussie or NZ have hit on a local formula to replicate it's success.
  7. Totally tanked in NZ, down 38% '10 to '11 to the massive(not) number of 43, I made up 2.2% of sales , overall market was up 8.8% ( includes Farm bikes ), KTM was up 10%. Interesting stat from Aussie Husky were 40% of KTM sales(4812), wonder where else in the world they are that close, kinda raises the question did Husky sold more bikes in Aussie that the USA in 2011?. If so a fine effort by PFG.
  8. kiwiklx

    TE250 2010 gripper seat.

    Check out guts racing.
  9. 242 sounds about right, my te310 was 257 with roughly 1/3 of a gallon of gas gone ( my te won't be to far off a txc in weight ), weighed on cattle scales. There might be 2kg in it 350 vs 310, but I seriously doubt you'll pick it right riding them.
  10. It's a relative thing, the air cleaner on the te310 requires removing the battery, which for me anyway involves undoing the leads, taking the cable ties off & taking the whole thing out, then it's easier with one of the side covers off, but easy is a relative comment, it's a tight fit. The Kato has the battery in a separate compartment, the entire air filter replacement is tool free & very fast. Changing oil is a pain with the recirculating oil lead connected to the sump plug ( check the CH threads on that one ). From there not alot in it & KTM have issues with cheaper components at the moment, check out how easy is it to dent the rims on the 2012's ( they went lighter ). It's a trade off and put it this way even though I'd prefer to work on a KTM, my next bike will be a txc310.
  11. kiwiklx

    2012 TE250 or TXC250?

    Have a look at a Shorai Li-Ion battery, you could get the lightest model, you need the battery for the fuel injection. I'd go TXC, personally I'll not buy another TE.
  12. Got a mate with a EXC350 & I've got a TE310 ( stripped to TXC spec, std exhaust etc, JD EFI ), we've done a few rides lately & been wheel to wheel a lot, the Kato has a bit more grunt, but there is nothing in it until he starts(slowly) pulling away in 4th ( I'm 13/52 ), it might be setup of his PDS but cornering my Husky is definitely more stable rear suspension wise & it might be rider but I can out brake & out corner him ( I think it's a bit of both ). My take is they are both great bikes, I'd definitely pick the Kato for maintenance but in terms of actual riding the pros & cons almost cancel each other out ( Kato climbs better, Husky turns better, Kato has a very mellow bottom easier on roots, Husky has quicker engine response, Kato has clear tank, Husky has a very low centre of gravity & it goes on ).
  13. kiwiklx

    12 tooth front, 53 tooth rear

    I've got a te310 & 12/50 would be worth a try, I've ended up going back to 13/52 personally as I found 12/50 to slow.
  14. kiwiklx

    te310 2011 any issues?

    Added a JD kit to clean up EFI, new positive lead to battery after old one wore through.
  15. kiwiklx

    Show us where you rode your Husky today!

    The start of a race a week back.