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  1. Left hand has been closed since the floods, I went on the boulder county website and road construction says its complete, knowing boulder and the attitude for OHVs I'd say it'll be challenging to get it back. I would be interested in helping getting it open though. those singletracks were amazing prior to the floods.
    8 years of hard riding and racing and this bike never quit. never needed valves adjusted. fork savers were needed for the fork seals that always seemed to find a way to leak...
  2. I have one in highlands ranch for sale used it this spring in MN and it is solid. Only reason I don't use it is because I bought a van now!
  3. camped at huntersville with the dog about a week ago and I found more than 20 over several days on the dog, i had two on me while around camp.
  4. I'm In for Wednesday or Thursday, went to huntersville last weekend and it's amazing right now.
  5. since I got called into work today instead of racing the hare scramble I will be heading up to Huntersville or spiderlake tomorrow or tuesday. let me know if anyone else will be up there or wants to go!
  6. I will be headed up Friday night, more than willing to lend a hand, I have a silver ranger and blue yz. Is there camping at the east parking? I've never been up there and am not too familiar with the area.
  7. If I'm not mistaken that's just the logging road. (No turns etc) but I'm not 100%
  8. So the Dnr site says huntersville is open? If this is the case I will be up there Saturday final testing before Cambridge on Sunday! Unless nemadji opens.
  9. Awesome thanks, I have seen that thread but after looking through all of them I must have missed it last round, thanks going to test drive some this weekend. Hoping to walk way with something good, awd ones are catching my eye but we shall see. Thanks
  10. It seems like extended is preferred bu is the extra 15-20" of an extended van worth it. I live in mn so the awd express seems mighty appealing, but I know it's not mandatory. I like the look of the chevy's but the fords seems more popular. Any reasons? I live in the city so the extra length makes me a bit nervous. Does anyone have a side picture of a fullsize bike in a regular length van? Is there enough for a small jump seat between the driver and front wheel of the bike? Thanks for any help.
  11. Exactly small but fun, nemadji is way better compared but will be lucky to have it open in may. I may attempt another trip out to appleton on Monday if anyone is interested. Not a lot of options right now... Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
  12. I drove from minneapolis (little under 3 hours), $60 bucks in gas but its free, its an interesting place, I just wanted to get out and ride, i imagine it would be a zoo on the weekend or in nicer weather. you can see it all in an hour or so, but if you have a couple people there you could put together a nice little woods/moto lap. I would do it again carpooling its a bit much going solo.
  13. appleton was pretty dang nice today! mud holes in places but no dust! track was dry.
  14. That would be greatly appreciated, I've been waiting patiently for the short wheel base medium roof to get to a dealer to test drive it... with the new euro looks I can convince the girlfriend about a van... the 2-5000 econolines and expresses look a little sketchy to be a daily driver or for her to be seen in public in lol I just cant seem to get past the free candy comments everytime I tell people about a motovan