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  1. troyw

    Let's see those WR's!

  2. troyw

    Let's see those WR's!

  3. troyw

    oil drain bolt

    How do you prevent the small tang that you need to break off on the end of the heli coil from going into the case?
  4. troyw

    Swap to yellow plastics on '08 WR450

    factory 07 wr450 seat, just recovered.
  5. troyw

    Swap to yellow plastics on '08 WR450

  6. KTM = Keep Taking Money
  7. I'll start:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXYXCIVCN0g:smirk:
  8. Returning from McGivers Cabin............
  9. troyw

    Watch out!!!!

    E.P.F. - Epic Parenting Fail.
  10. troyw

    red stickered. how to mod to green?

    Red sticker-winter months only $52.00 Green sticker-yearound $52.00 does not make sense. Reds can only ride half the year, but still pay the full amount!
  11. troyw

    All your WR pictures go here