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  1. trickyricky

    wheels and tires

    whats the best wheel and tire setup? is a 14/12 better or 12/10? also whats a good dirt tire.
  2. trickyricky


    what are some good sprocket setups, and what are the good for?
  3. trickyricky

    performance upgrades

    i have a c3
  4. trickyricky

    performance upgrades

    What would be a good performance upgrade for my stock ssr125
  5. trickyricky

    ssr will not start

    also how should i break the motor in?
  6. trickyricky

    ssr will not start

    i mean "it's" a c3, my bad
  7. trickyricky

    ssr will not start

    it a c3
  8. trickyricky

    ssr will not start

    i just got my ssr 125, put it together, put some gas in it, and i can't get it to start. I mean theres nothing, when i kick its pretty easy i dont feel much compression . we checked spark and that was good. it has some wirres that are not connected and im not sure if there for if you put lights on it or what. they also might be for cdi because this bike does not have cdi. We tried to push start it and also nothing, no thumps out the exhaust nothing!! need help
  9. trickyricky

    ssr pics

    Id like to see some ssr pics, trying to get some graphics and upgrade ideas.
  10. trickyricky

    street legal?

    thats sick, do you know where to get the stuff. and maybe about how much it costs to get them registered. thanks
  11. trickyricky

    street legal?

    can you make a pit bike street legal??