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  1. Thanks for all the good suggestions. In Colorado, running leaner jets. Was Vet B ranked in my 30's, but haven't race in about 10 years so doing the novice class and way out of shape LOL. But trying to work my way back up as a goal this summer and doing long course racing instead motocross. So this pace should use less fuel. Great suggestions on using the RESERVE, I will leave to ON as you mention and just have the gas near pits if I need to switch to reserve. Thanks again, TT community really full of knowledgeable riders.
  2. re: People racing long course races.. For you that have race a long race course style race. I'm entering my first hare scramble series this summer. I'm running the KTM 300XC stock motor setup. My class is novice 1 hour 30 mins. Can I finish on 1 tank or should I have gas handy?
  3. You will care about the light performance when you come back into the late evening. Even in dusk it helps a lot. It saved me more then one occasion from hitting wildlife as the longer brighter beams pickup eyes giving you more reaction time. 45 watt 35 watt
  4. It took me about hour to figure it out thinking it was something engine related as I never had a screen clog up so quick. It's was amazing how much power is lost soon as it clogs up. Have fun at the enduro!
  5. Make sure you clean the screen after every long race. Mine clogged really quick and you will loose all your top end power. It will sputter and bog mid range to top and won't rev out anymore. I found this out the hard way. I am running the synthetic blend oil 60:1 too. So not sure why the screen clogs up so quick. It's a great design to install, but not to sure about the screen design. I'm going to write EE about the problem write now before to many have problems.
  6. So what was the result after changing the carb. Look forward to hearing if the problem has been resolved and if they found what the problem was in the old one. Thxs..
  7. I emailed the manager at my dealer, I'll start new post once I find out more why it happen and if KTM is going to do anything about it.
  8. Stuck Throttle on my brand new KTM!! So I looped my 2014 KTM 300 XC at Moab this weekend on a stuck throttle. When I was climbing up some slick rock, my throttle stuck and before I even had a chance to pull in the clutch, I was on my ass.. When I got home I research stuck throttles on KTM's and discovering more stories and the reasons and also saw a recall on the 2013 throttle cable. Thank god it was not by a cliff but did end up bending bars and bending the almighty expensive sub frame to the point of no repair and lots cosmetic damage. Now before I blame KTM completely and the reason I'm bringing this up is to warn all of you before you get hurt too. I saw in one thread this problem killed somebody. The only modifications that maybe could have impacted this was I changed on mine was the KTM bar riser spacers and move the bar mounts forward in the adjustment on the triple clamp? Maybe this small adjust was to much for the length of the stock cable or just faulty cable? The dealer jetted my bike for me before I picked it up, could have something they did cause this. Causes: The cable that comes with the stock KTM is known for have the housing jump out of the holder and causing the throttle to stay open on the return of the throttle. The 2013 recall was the cable being pinch. Fixes: People are either buying the lengthy Motion Pro and routing the cable in front of the bars but behind number plate and/or using wire tie to tie the cable housing to the top of the carb and throttle body. Below is a picture. People with stabilizers installed, highly recommended to run the longer motion pro, guess a lot of stuck throttle report using stock cable. I hope I can save someone the destruction and possible injury to themselves with this public announcement. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I hate the bone heads that just claim you can just pull the clutch in and kill the bike. This does not always happen in a moment you can easily do this. In seat position it's a lot easier then when you standing up. Anyway I'm really pissed and was consider taking my bike back to the dealer. But I pretty much have decided they are going to tell me that is not a warranty item and since I modified the bars with KTM spacers, it was my fault for not put a longer cable. Now I'm only using the 3/8 inch spacers, but I'm sure it will be their excuse. Here is the Go Pro footage.. Sounds like a whiskey throttle, but what's really happening is because of the traction on slick rock, the bike still under load and me expecting it to jerk forward when letting off, doing the opposite and looping out.
  9. For my 2014 300 XC, I just did the Enduro Engineering Kit which from what I can tell is basically the KTM light kit. I will do some pictures later. It was plug and play and came with all the connecters to plug it right onto my 2014 300XC. You have to call them to get the 14. They just arrived. Link is below. Comes with the white plate which IMO looks much better. My front brake cable did not fit in the front brake slide holder so it just runs behind the number plate which is kind of good because it's one less thing to hang up or break went catching something on a tree. I did the tusk mirror and horn. I received my cross over inspection and have plates now for my bike now!!. It's literally going to be 4 bolts now to switch it from enduro lights back to race ready motocross. This was my end goal to switch it up between track/course riding to wood/single track.
  10. Your going to get a lot opinions.. I didn't do heat cycles.. I just did 2-3 hours avoiding wide open like the manual says. Then changed oil and road it normal.
  11. 2014 KTM 300 XC First Impressions I will be posting pictures soon.. here is a quick 1st ride report of the 2014 KTM 300 XC and my impressions Broke in the new 2014 xc. Really happy I switch from the 2012 KTM 500 XC-w. Did some technical single track and other trails at Rampart Range CO today. The forks are the best! I was able to make the adjustments while I rode. Really cool to dial in for different terrain on the fly, 2 clicks made huge different for riding slow windy tight to open fast whooped out trails with just a twist of the clicker. The top end seems to fall off pretty quick, but reading my manual there is a plug connector that provides manageable power ignition curve and performance setting so figure it might be set to mild instead of wild and need to learn what the springs are for that came with the manual. For the trail it's tons of power and like the torque feel it has in the bottom, but hoping for more top end for some track riding. The bike tracks much more true then my 500 XC-W. The new XC fork is much more predicable then my 500 XC-W. I'm 6'2" so the ergos felt good from the seat down, but standing up riding I would like the riser bar spacers so I can stretch out a little more. I noticed this with my 500 as well, just didn't get to trying the spacer. The brakes are excellent. The brakes are very forgiving. I was expecting more rear tire locked when using the rear brake, but it worked really well and was able to apply pressure without locking the rear and using the rear without the concern of locking into corners and steep down hills. My 500 XC-W tend to buck me off square bumps and high speed dips. The XC linkage made me feel back at home to what I'm use to in riding past CRF450 and KX250 and dampened out these obstacles making riding them at speed much easier. The 300 XC front end pulls up very easily when you want it to. I learn to ride the 500 XC-W steering, but going back to 300 XC made me realize how awesome they handle and turn on a dime. Take's half the energy to turn the 300. I felt like I had to plan or start a turn sooner with the 500. So far no complaints on the throttle response. Seemed as quick and snappy as the 500 EFI. The electric starter worked amazing. It start so fast , I found my self not releasing the start button quick enough. My friend and I compared the engine compartment of his older 2003 YZ250 and it was amazing how much space is around the engine compared to his and appears the cylinder head and power valve is much more compact in these newer 2 strokes. So all good so far right, well there was only really one bad thing, the seat that comes with the XC is very hard and thin and after 3 hours of riding my tail bone was hurting pretty bad. Racing with this seat would probably be good, but for long trail ride a cushy higher profile seat is the first thing I'm getting for my bike.
  12. Got my 2014 300xc.. the manual says 60:1 fuel/premix.. is this correct? what do you run.. I always ran 40:1 in my kx250?
  13. So 2014 KTM 300XC is MSRP is $8499.. on this bad boy. How much lower did all you negotiate with a dealer knowing that your going to be paying their handling/freight/tax charge. Is $7800 out of the question? Curious if you don't mine sharing to help a brother out before I go down spending all my hard earn cash. I was also thinking if I agree to buy say $500 in parts from them that might help as well so they can include that on the invoice and make it look like a bigger sale for them. Your thoughts. I do know in Colorado these are probably in more demand the other places so they might not even budge. I did also buy my previous 500 XC-W from them in 2012. I guess another approach is to approach multiple dealers and say your price shopping and see who has the best out the door price. Did anyone try this approach. This is more time consuming but might save $500.
  14. wow, looking good.. so what are the biggest differences from a 2014 and 2013 xc?
  15. Thanks for starting a thread.. I'm 6'2" 230lbs rider and I just sold my 2012 500 XC-W which I really liked but just a little to big feeling on the single track. Been doing my research, and my style of 50% track and 50% trail, I'm going to get the 14 300 XC. From what I can tell the only reason I would want on the XC-W is comes with the light hardware and 6 speed wider ratio gear box. But it is my preference to have the linkage and new optimized top end for running moto and hare scramble races. I think the suspension is beefer as well and 5 gears will race better. From what I can tell, people are saying I can plug a lighting onto my XC if I want? Is this true? Now the challenge will be finding a 300XC before they are all bought.