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  1. ultrabuzz

    Biggest selection of parts in GTA

    For online shopping in Canada, gnarlyparts.ca is also a decent source.
  2. ultrabuzz

    were those 11' "canadian" pics BS??!!

  3. ultrabuzz

    AIS info

    If you don't mind having the AIS tube on the bike, here's what I'v done.. Remove AIS tube, leave the head fitting intact. Insert short (about an inch long) 5/16" or 3/8" (can't remember exactly, just make sure it goes in snuggly) clevis pin dipped in anti-seize, into the fitting and reinstall AIS tube. The lip on the clevis pin will hold it in place with tube reattached. Install rubber cap on the end of tube. Cap off airbox and carb ports with rubber caps. Looks stock if you don't peak under the tank and totally reversible. Cost ? Just under $2.
  4. UNI filers are dual stage. A less dense foam cover over the main filter. At least for WR they are.However, on the 2 UNI's I have, the rim glue on the main filter let go and I had to fix them with some Gorilla Glue. Using No-Toil cleaner/oil since day one on them.
  5. ultrabuzz

    First Oil Change 2008 WR250F

    1.47L is little much for these little 250s.The sight glass on these bikes seems to be more for checking the oil level during a ride to make sure you're not loosing any. Stop by a store that carries kitchen supplies, pots and pans, etc. Pick up a measuring cup that has the scale etched on in plastic and not painted on as it will rub off with time. Warm up the bike, drain both the crank case and oil tank, give it time to drain completely. Put in 1.1L if you haven't changed the filter or 1.2L if you did. You're done. If you properly drained it, you don't need to worry about the sight glass.
  6. ultrabuzz

    Unleash The Beast?

    No, the stock WR needle is not adjustable. I would recommend starting with the jet kit. It'll cost you some but you'll have jets/needles required for opening up the flow. Throttle stop, AIS removal/disabling, gray wire mod are fine, but once you get into opening up the airbox and exhaust, you'll need some jets to compensate.
  7. ultrabuzz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    Honestly, I don't think its the shrouds themselves that look little "eccentric", I think it's the pointy decal at top of shrouds. With a nice graphic kit, it'll be alright.
  8. ultrabuzz

    Suspension Tuner

    D4 Performance in Cambridge: http://www.d4performance.com/home.html Pro-Action Suspension in Guelph: http://www.twowheelmotorsport.ca/index.htm Landing Gear Suspension/Machine Racing in Sharon: http://www.machineracing.com/mrc/lgs.php
  9. As far as I can remember, for the washer mod to have any effect, you have to find washers that fit INSIDE the springs. So.. bolt, then washer then spring around the washer. This is to allow for more travel on the pressure plate in released position. You probably don't need this though as your basket and hub look grooved out and that's whats most likely causing plates to hang and stick.
  10. ultrabuzz

    Best replacement battery fr 07 WR250f?

    Talk to your local parts store or email around some batt. distributors to see if they can bring one in for you. Sorry, I can't help you on pricing, won't mean much to you as I bought mine in Canada. To give you an idea though, my local bike shop wanted CAD$80 for YTX5L-BS and CAN$130 for YTZ7S. I picked up the KTZ7S for under $80. Local shop brought in in for me. Higher rated battery for the price of the stocker.
  11. ultrabuzz

    Best replacement battery fr 07 WR250f?

    http://www.koyo-battery.com/product-1.htm Just put one of their KTZ7S batteries in mine about a month ago which supposed to be an equivalent you Yuasa YTZ7S. So far so good but at half of the cost, I'll see how long it will last.
  12. ultrabuzz

    we need an invention

    Safety wire works well. I use Teflon tape on mine. Just wrap it around no more than 1.5 times. It will stop it from rattling out in case it gets loose.
  13. ultrabuzz

    79 cent fix for grabby clutch

    I bought Tusk kit and used steels from it as it was the cheapest I could find.And to others, to this day my basket and hub show NO signs of wear, my oem steels were NOT warped and my oem fibers and springs are still in specs. In fact, my problem started after 2hrs on a brand new bike and I DID have the cable adjusted right. I honestly think it comes down to clutch lubrication and I can see how the washer mod can help some as it allows for a bit more travel. It did not work for me so I pulled them back out. Ride the bike then let it cool down for few minutes. Tilt it on the left side and disassemble the clutch, if the fibers are bone dry like mine were, washer mod most likely won't help you. Buy an aftermarket clutch kit with steels that have those little indents in them and either replace the whole stack or just the steels. I chose to replace just the steels as I didn't like the "feel" of Tusk fibers. When you're assembling your stack, you'll notice that the steels have a sharp and a blunt (rounded) edge left from when they were punched out. The blunt edge goes on the inside, toward the motor or at least make sure they are all poniting in the same direction. Funny thing is that me neighbors WR, also 07 with similar hours has NEVER experienced that issue. I begged him to let me pull it apart to have a peak at what the differences may be but after seeing my struggles, he did not budge. We also run same oil.
  14. ultrabuzz

    CMA Hare Scrambles (Ontario)

    I can't tell you whether you can ride there any other time however there seem to be a trail ride being put together by Niagara Timberline Riders on May 31. More info here: http://niagaratimberlineriders.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=54