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  1. white boy15

    Moto Van on the cheap

    Can't beat that for the price! A few guys around here have van set ups similar. I thought about it for a while but I just got a nice enclosed trailer so no van for me in the near future. Word of advice that I recieved from others, be careful with putting stickers and stuff all over it or putting nice rims etc. When you do you are basically telling everyone that there is something nice inside, like bikes tools etc. Heard horror stories of stolen bikes. I'm probably not even gonna put any stickers on my trailer. Its a sweet set up though and you got an awesome deal.
  2. If you're going to replace the fuel pump, do it right and drop the tank. Then you can clean out any junk that has accumulated in there, you'd be surprised! I still say its the crankshaft positioning sensor though. Its only like 2 bolts and a plug, just kinda a pain to get to. If I remember right its on the top side of the bellhousing.
  3. Next time the light comes on run to an autozone and have them pull the codes for you.
  4. white boy15

    Trailer floor coating ideas

    How did you guys prep the floor for the epoxy garage floor paint? Did you fill your seams with anything to make the floor look as if it is all one piece?
  5. I just got a new enclosed trailer. I would like to coat the floor so that it is not just the bare wood. What have other used with success/ failure? Don't wanna spray liner it cause I think it will be hard to keep clean and pretty expensive. Was thinking about some type of garage floor coating or epoxy paint. How well does this stuff adhere to wood?
  6. There are no body mounts on an XJ, it is a unibody. You can get a fuel pressure guage from Autozone on their loan a tool service and check your fuel pressure. All my experiences with failing fuel pumps just died outright though. Is your check engine light coming on? If so get a code reading to help pinpoint the problem, again Autozone normally will read the codes for you for free. You then just have to look them up online. Sounds to me like it is the crank shaft positioning sensor. When they go bad the motor will cut out like it isn't getting fuel. Its a fairly simple and inexpensive fix.
  7. white boy15

    RMZ250 wont start, at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was going to be my next suggestion. Remember reading of someone else forgetting to put the fuel screw back in after cleaning their carb. Glad your up and running.
  8. white boy15

    RMZ250 wont start, at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you tried to push start it any? Sometimes when mine gives me a hard time starting I will kick it over real slow about 4 times, then get the piston on a compression stroke and give it one good kick and she fires right up.
  9. white boy15


    Thats pretty much what mine looks like Here is my lovely foot too.
  10. white boy15


    I can't complain too much. I think I've been pretty fortunate. I've been riding for 15 years now and this is the first major injury. It was only a matter of time. Its just a waiting game now. Sitting on the couch all day every day isn't all its cracked up to be.
  11. white boy15


    Unfortunatley its not the bike this time. I crashed on a jump about a month ago. Wind blew me way sideways. Crash itself wasn't that bad.. Bike is fine, just needs a front fender. I, however, didn't fare so well. I suffered a tibial plateau fracture which is basically the lower portion of the joint in your knee. I also broke the navicular (big bone in the center) bone in my foot into 3 pieces as well as 2 other fractures in my foot. I now have a lovely plate and 5 or 6 screws in my leg to fix my knee as well as a bone graph. My foot has a screw and a great external frame. The frame comes out in another 3 weeks, making a total of 6 weeks. Still have about another month and a half to two months before I can put weight on my knee and then its rehab. Got a few pics of my foot and some x-rays of my knee I'll try to post later on if anyone is interested. This all sucks cause I just put an exhaust, re-geared, and re-jetted my RMZ and got her all dialed in. I was finally getting alot of riding time in too. But thats life.
  12. white boy15

    '04 jetting for Big Gun Race system

    Nope, just 93 pump gas. I'll start with the 42 pilot that everyone recommends and go from there
  13. white boy15

    '04 jetting for Big Gun Race system

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the pro circuit settings were best. That would put it at a OBEKR needle, #168 main, and #42 pilot. The #42 pilot is a given. Has anyone tried this setting with the Big Gun Race system? I am in SC at sea level.
  14. white boy15

    '04 jetting for Big Gun Race system

    I am not very good with determining what jetting I need in my bikes. I just bought a new left over Big Gun Race full system for my 2004 RMZ250. Currently my jetting is stock. I also have a twin air filter. What would be the recommended jetting to use with this system at sea level? I have searched the big gun site and found nothing, I've emailed them and got no reply, and I've searched this site but haven't found similar conditions. I was thinking about trying the recommended jetting on the pro circuit web site. I know there are people on here that have run this exhaust. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
  15. white boy15

    Does anyone have 08 Microfische / part numbers online?

    check the yamaha of troy web site. They have them online for yamaha, honda and suzuki