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  1. SilverRider

    Anyone ride Moonrocks recently ?

    Anyone been out there this week? It rained here (Truckee) all day so I am sure a lot of snow melted out there. Temps are really warm so this weekend should be good. See you out in the desert, brapp.
  2. SilverRider

    Moonrocks rideability? Updates?

    Anyone been out there in the last couple of days? I want to ride in a couple of days if the snow is minimal.
  3. SilverRider

    Penny Pines Saturday or Sunday? Anyone? Anyone?

    I will be riding in Truckee tomorrow but not close to you I guess.
  4. SilverRider

    Torque specs for 06 YZ250 rebuild

    Here is a link to the pdfs for 2006 yami bikes. http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/index.php
  5. SilverRider

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    Any links for the guys who were taking pictures at the race?
  6. SilverRider

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    It was a very fun race. It was my 1st moto race and I had a blast. The coarse was challenging and took a lot out of me. I did two races and am beat. I race pro mountain bikes and I was more spent after today than after a 12 hour mtb race on a single speed. Great times and I look forward to hitting it up next year.
  7. SilverRider

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    We will be up there for a few of the races. It should be a fun time.
  8. SilverRider

    FWW on YZ250, how effective is it??

    Maybe retard the timing a bit as well. I have mine a couple of degrees retarded and it seems to work great. I love the hit my bike has and it is real easy to ride slow tech rock gardens or rip up long steep hill climbs. I am not a track rider though so maybe this is no help at all. 14/50 is my gearing.
  9. SilverRider

    cylinder base gasket direction

    I know, I was looking at the old gasket today while cleaning up and figured it out. I guess I had one too many beers Friday night. Thanks for the info though.
  10. SilverRider

    cylinder base gasket direction

    So I just put a new piston in my yz250. I was looking through the manual and it said to install base gasket printed side down toward the crank case. I am not sure if I put it on upside down as my gasket had no print. Is it possible to put in the gasket upside down? And what might happen? Thanks.
  11. SilverRider

    online manual? 07 250

    Here you go. http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0
  12. SilverRider

    Handle bars out of alignment

    Try putting your bike on a stand of some sort just enough to take the weight off of the front wheel. Then loosen your pinch bolts that clamp your fork tubes. You can then try to move your wheel by squeezing it with your knees as you push left or right with your handle bars. It is easier to do if you take off the front fender but not critical. This will usually let the forks twist back in to alingment with the axle and the top fork crown. It is typical for the forks to twist slightly if the bike hits hard on it's side during a get off. Works for street and dirt bikes. If it is too far bent then you might be looking at replacing something else. Oh, and welcome back to riding.
  13. SilverRider

    How much compression?

    Check Ebay, there are some good deal on there. This one is for $142.00 and free shipping. Includes gaskets as well. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YZ250-02-08-Wiseco-Piston-Cometic-Gaskets-Kit-FREE-SH_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a1205Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem25543b2693QQitemZ160326952595QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_3237wt_1046
  14. SilverRider

    02 yz250 vs 02 yz250f for hill climbs and trails

    My 250 2t is a lot more capable of climbing steep hills than my 250f. You just have to use the clutch a bit if it is a technical hill climb (rocky). If it is sand or smooth you will have plenty of power to make it using just throttle most of the time. I get up a lot of steep climbs that my more experienced 450 friends struggle on. My 250f feels way under powered after riding my 250 2t. The wife rides the 250f now.
  15. SilverRider

    2007 Yz125 Bent sub frame.

    I used a big metal bar for my pry device. I took all plastics off the rear and stuck the metal pole down through the subframe and on the outside of the swing arm. I then leaned the bike against the tree with the pry bar touching the tree. I then just pushed the bike toward the tree with all of my weight. It got it much more straight than it was. I wanted it more straight so I just bought a good used one from ebay the other day for $60.00. Mine had some parts broken off like the seat mount which was jerry rigged with screwed on tabs for mounting. Bike is all straight now.