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    Freeride 250R, should I make the change?

    I have a 250 Freeride and absolutely friggin' love it! I'm 46, been riding for 40 years, am 5' 7" and 155lbs. I also ride a KTM 300 xcw and a Honda CRF 450. Bought the Freeride this summer and for nice tight single track (which we have in North Idaho) cruising and jamming the Freeride is a dream. So light and flickable and easy on the body. Did a 30 mile ride today leaving from the White Pine Campground near Harvard and at the end of the ride I could have made another loop. My riding buddies were on larger conventional rides and were ready to be done at the end. The Freeride may be less "manly" and that may be a good reason to shy away, but I think a good choice for me - an older guy who likes the more mellow delivery and light feel. It felt more like riding a full suspension mtn bike than a dirt bike. I'm a huge fan - thank you KTM for making this bike. To me, it is like fat skis for powder. Just makes it a bit more doable and ups the fun factor 10x. I don't think the Freeride would be a great choice for skimming across mile after mile of sand whoops. High speed desert riding is not it's calling. Single track with roots, logs to cross, rutted up switchbacks and nice rollers is the sweet spot.