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  1. Oregon

    I can ride mid week as well. Live in Keizer, 52, beginner to intermediate, 2001 CR 250R woods weapon, rekluse, Steahly weight, vforce reeds, jd jetting kit, flex bars, Scott steering damper. I've been laid up for some will take some rides for me to acclimate back to the bike.
    This bike fits me so well. I love it.
  2. 0 comments

    This bike fits me so well. I love it.
  3. There is Nestucca which is just a few miles from Newberg.
  4. Washington

    I guess that means Nestucca is out of the question
  5. Tested the compression, 150 psi. Had the carb professionally cleaned. Still won't kick start. It pull starts great.
  6. Thank you guys sooo much.
  7. An associate of mine just bought an 85 KDX 200 and it won't kick start, but it will start when pulled by another vehicle and then runs great. Any ideas?
  8. Oregon

    I heard something about a place called LaDee Flats.
  9. Oregon

    My riding partner went a couple days back. Whipup is blanketed in snow even out to the paved road. He had to use 4x4 to get there and snow everywhere.
  10. Oregon

    No snow except at higher elevations and only accessible via the motorcycles.
  11. signed up 40+ at 9:30...can't wait.
  12. Oregon

    thursdays would work best for me for the TSF area. I also like riding the Nestucca area.
  13. Oregon

    A friend of mine and I are riding out of Whipup tomorrow morning if anyone would like to ride with us. We are a friendly pair, slow intermediates if anyone courteous would like to ride with us.