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  1. jonnybee

    cr 125 killing plugs

    i dont know i was not running when i bought it
  2. jonnybee

    cr 125 killing plugs

    my cr125 keeps killing the plugs i have been putting br8es plugs in it and they will die after like 10 mins i have been running 120ml of oil to every 5 litres of petrol it has a 170 and 50 size jets in it it runs fine when is going exept for if you snap the throttle it bogs any adieas what it causing this is it the jets ? i have just rebuilt the bottom end and put a new ring in it to
  3. jonnybee

    cr 125 gearbox

    hi, does anyone have any information or pictures of how a cr125 96 model gearbox goes back together pictures would be a lot better it does not show the gearbox in the manual thanks
  4. jonnybee

    cilinder honeing

    is it ok to hone the cilinder on cr125 96 model?
  5. jonnybee

    xr400 vs wr400

    would i be better off just putting a fcr carb on my drz and other mods
  6. jonnybee

    xr400 vs wr400

    hi, i haev a drz400s 2000 model and im not happy with its power and its a bit heavy for the mountain i want one of thse two bikes with is better for for just trail riding around the mountain it need to have be able to power wheelie without the cluch my drz cant do this eaven in first and be good at hill climing
  7. jonnybee

    fcr install

    also what bikes use the carb that i need so i can look out for one obvioulsly the drz e what else? when u sed the stock hoses did u mean throttle cables ? is this any good http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/KEIHIN-CARBURETOR-CARB-FCR-39-HUSABERG-KTM-WR-YZF-DR-Z_W0QQitemZ330095475187QQihZ014QQcategoryZ122304QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem
  8. jonnybee

    fcr install

    i have a drz400s i want to put the fcr carb into it if i buy just the carb like the ones you see on ebay that are for yzf drz....(are they the right ones) what else would i need could i use my stock cables (i just bought new ones) does this mod make that much ov a difference to the bike? the bike is used off road only
  9. jonnybee

    e rads

    will the radiators from an e model fit an s or can they be made to fit?
  10. jonnybee

    what exhaust is this?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/drz400-drz-400-fmf-racing-exhaust-2001-e-model_W0QQitemZ180089926715QQihZ008QQcategoryZ10534QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem does anyone know what exhuast this is its is said to be a fmf one of a drz he doesent know what type of fmf it is? is it eaven an fmf exhaust ?
  11. jonnybee

    crd exhaust

    it should be better than stock tho right? im buying one secnd hand it does matter if the mounting is a little off i can always make some brackets does any one know what they sound like?
  12. jonnybee

    crd exhaust

    does anyone know????
  13. jonnybee

    crd exhaust

    will a full crd system (absolut power 2 i think) for a drz400e fit on the s model how much power would i expect to gain from this?
  14. jonnybee

    more low end power

    so ive cut the 3x3 hole what jets should i change and what to i live in wales in the uk if that makes a difference (ive heard height u ride at make a difference) also my stock exhaust has been opened up the guy before mee done it but it looks like its been done with a hammer and a chissel just a big hole banged through lol