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  1. JoeRacing and HT-RACING makes them for the RFS but was wondering if anyone is working one for these new motors from KTM with the new 450XC-F for running in some very hot temps.
  2. nitrotain

    Spark plug?

    It is in your tool-kit.
  3. nitrotain

    Moron on a 505 SX-F...

    The 505 has major HP and yes the bike will ride ya, but as long as you are having fun let it ride ya. You should get SM wheels and the F.brake caliper adaptor relocator with the oversized disc, man the 505 is insane fun on a kart or SM type track.
  4. nitrotain

    Aircell vs FVO?? for WR 250

    Check out the Air-Bar from Synergy Seals (www.synergyseals.com) before you drop the big bucks on a set of subtanks.
  5. nitrotain

    MX-Tech for KTM 505sxf - review

    I bought all the MX-TECH springs for my weight and just installed the rear shock spring, now i am a bit unsure if I did it correct?????????? I put the shock spring on with the MX-TECH spring size label facing upright and when I got it put back on th bike I noticed that the tighter spring windings/coils are at the bottom of the spring, I THINK THIS IS NOT CORRECT. Could you tell me how your spring is installed or post a photo that would be even better. I appreciate the help on this as I am a little confused.
  6. Anyone have any tech input sure would be great???????????? Noticed the tanny change just wondering if the clutch-side changed?
  7. nitrotain

    2007 450SXF in the woods

    I am just looking if it is doable I'll do it if not I'll play with the sprockets as to the type of riding. It would be nice to have one more gear when riding between trails.
  8. nitrotain

    2007 450SXF in the woods

    Same here debating the rekluse and flywheel also would like to add 5th gear on my 505 SXF, sucks I just got this bike and they come out with the 505 xcf. If anyone knows how to put in an extra gear please post.
  9. nitrotain

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?p=305770#post305770 COULD A THUMPERTALK MEMBER POST THIS FOR ME.
  10. nitrotain

    Mx-tech Online Problems

    LOOKS like it got lost and then returned in the mail this happens a lot for shipping to APO military address MX-TECH just got the springs back and are shipping via UPS INSURED INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO. MX-TECH thank you for your help and to others on TT for the help.
  11. nitrotain

    Mx-tech Online Problems

    O.K. I will give them a call again and see if we can figure out what happened. Thanks
  12. nitrotain

    Mx-tech Online Problems

    I am stationed overseas and ordered for the first time from MX-TECH and never got my order I have emailed and emailed and even tried to call from overseas on my dime and nothing. Has anyone had this problem with contacting MX-tech, I want to work with them if I could just get in touch with the company. Can anyone help me with this, my card has been billed and all I want is my springs for my new bike set up for my weight. I'll paste my order number below. Any help would be greatly appreciated again I am not busting on MX-tech I am just looking for any help resolving this issue. THANKS I JUST WANT TO RIDE
  13. nitrotain

    sx-f 450/505 adding 5th or 6th gear???

    I am praying for 5th & 6th.
  14. Can anyone give a no BS assessment if this can be done? YES IS AM NEW I JUST CAME OVER FROM KTMTALK.COM
  15. Can anyone give a no BS assessment if this can be done?