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  1. NVmyklx

    520 is hot

    It may be the valves. I purchased the bike a few years ago and never liked how it ran out which is why the carb tune. After that if I thought about touching the start button she started up. Now it takes a second or two so thought maybe it was time for a valve check.
  2. NVmyklx

    520 is hot

    On a recent outing I noticed my 02 520exc was hot. What I mean is while checking the shifter for play ( had recently replaced it after an unfortunate encounter with a large rock ) the shifter was hot. So hot I couldn't keep my bare hand on it for more than a second. This doesn't seem normal though the bike is not over heating and tuned quite well with a JD kit and a CRF ac pump. Any thoughts.
  3. NVmyklx

    XR's Only XR200 pipe.

    I cannot find xr's only website. Did they move?
  4. NVmyklx

    I Quit

    I have a 97 klx 300 and loved it in the beginning. It was ugly and started burning the oil so 2 winters ago I did a complete tear down and shipped the motor off to Thumper Racing for a 331 build up. After everything was powdercoated and new plastic, rims and decals she was something to behold. Then I broke the idler gear. Now I had a stroker decompressor but continued to break idler gears. I fitted a newer cam on that was timed correctly for the auto decompressor and continued to break idler gears. The only thing that fixed my woes was a ktm300exc. I had forgotten the love affair I had with the 2 strokes from when I was younger, with that old flame rekindled things are much better in my house. I still have the klx sitting in my garage and when Im ready Ill replace the motor until then I just cuss at it. I think Im going to have to change my user name now?
  5. This is what Im doing to my 90 xr200: I bought for $350 a clapped out cr250 the front forks went right onto the 200 with a spacer. Kind of left me with a chopper so wanted to put that 18" cr rear wheel on the 200 somehow. After reading all the posts I decided not to adapt the swingarm and instead "hogged" out the 200's swingarm to adapt the cr rear axle. Next Im going to weld a tab on the 200's SA for the rear caliper and then copy Yogi and cut and weld the rear master cylinder and do the fancy copper pipe fitting trick. The cr SA is alum. and lighter but it is close to 2" longer and wanted to keep that short wheel base. Doing this will allow me to keep the short wheel base, get an 18" rear wheel and a rear disk brake. Hope to meet up with Yogi at Tahuya sometime and see who's handles better.
  6. NVmyklx

    Rear shock TTR250

    I have my sons cranked as hard as it will go and my 200lbs butt make it bottom out on anything close to hard riding. There has to be some kind of fix for this.
  7. NVmyklx

    TTR250 running great

    I bought a used ttr 250 for my son and was very disapointed in the power, or lack there of. After the re-jetting and an fmf power core it runs great and can really lug the engine. I did not remove the snorkle, we rider through a lot of puddles here is Washington, but I did remove a canister that the motor breathed through from the top end to the air box. What is this canister, is it some evil smog crap?
  8. NVmyklx

    TT-R250 carb help needed (pics)

    The part that fell out goes in the hole next to the long rod, as you look at the pic you took it goes in the next hole above the long rod.
  9. NVmyklx

    edelbrock needle setting

    for the quicksilver carb use the 15E needle @ 10 clicks accelerator pump bypass 1.5 turns out. I dont have the 280 kit so not sure but this will give you a good baseline. The AC pump is touchy. Good luck. Ride Hard
  10. NVmyklx

    125L's for twin boys

    Make sure those bikes have been rejetted, check out the sticky on the top of the page and sounds like you got a great deal on the bikes. My twins are 14 and have moved from the ttr125 to an xr250 and a ttr250.
  11. NVmyklx

    starter rebuild

    That is one of the craziest fixes Ive ever seen and why I love this sight, its all about saving the $$. My starter is not engaging, I do not hear a loud clunk on startup or shutdown but this all looks easy enough to at least pull things apart and have a good look. Thanks
  12. NVmyklx

    06 ttr with yz front and disc rear brake

    way cool, what did it take to hook the front end up. I really want to do this so if you could give me as much info I would appreciate it very much.
  13. NVmyklx

    starter rebuild

    Ok, i did a search and couldnt find anything for the ttr250 starter rebuild so if it has been covered and I missed the thread I apologize in advance. So hear is what I got. Just bought a used 2000 ttr250 and sometimes the starter doesnt engage. When it does, she starts right up but obviously the starter is going bad. Anybody out there rebuild one of these, is there a kit for this? Thanks for your help.
  14. NVmyklx

    What did I do now!

    Spark plugs in, thanks Brewster. Didnt try to push start it after I found out something was up. I checked and rechecked to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be but will check again I have been wrong once or twice. Also, I put in an 04 EX cam so that I could have the correct ACR timing. Was this a bad idea, my bike is a 97' and after cracking the case with the tooth from the idler gear I wanted some easy starting like my buddys 04'. What ya think???????
  15. NVmyklx

    What did I do now!

    Did a valve job on my 97 300 and slapped it all back together with what seemed no problems. Couldnt get it to start (flooded) so went to push start it and when I put it in gear it still rolls. It has some resistance like maybe the clutch is pulled in a bit but it rolls right along. I did think that I was going to have to take the chain guide off in order to remove the cams so I disengaged the cable at the cover but figured it out and never removed the clutch cover. What did I do, help Im about to go back to the bullet proof kdx and leave these four strokes and thier valves alone for good.