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  1. Wow, you really don't ever need to publicly freak out after only a couple hours ever!! Especially when its saturday and you really don't even know if anythings wrong. Maybe you should just relax. I am pretty sure that all the pitster guys are at the indoor mx in heber, UT today so I wouldn't expect anything until at least tomorrow but probably just call on monday. Remember this is someones business and livelihood that your bashing and people on forums tend to be very impressionable. (I just realized it was 4:30AM in utah when you posted this morning!! What do you expect?)
  2. Yep, and all I was doing is letting you know that he was in fact wearing a helmet cam. Too bad people have to jump in!
  3. Wow, you should follow the thread before you make bold comments. I never said you disputed it. I actually wasnt even directing my first post at you. If you look at post #4 you will see that someone stated: "Nice friend, he kept the camera running the entire time, even though his buddies leg was entangled in the front suspension" I was just commenting on that statement. Was that yours? NOPE!
  4. No, but it does explain why he didnt "turn off the camera and help his buddy" as someone said. He is an idiot but atleast they were in full gear.
  5. He was wearing a helmet cam. As seen at the first of the video.
  6. I hope it isn't dead... I'm just about to get started!!
  7. Great, thanks for the info. Anyone want to chime in with there preference for mx tracks and/or arenacross style tracks? I plan on doing some local mx stuff, and we have some indoor race series' in utah that I'd like to make it to while the weather is still cold as hell.
  8. Cool, Anything I need to make the switch or just the wheels and tires? Doesnt look like there is a hole lot of clearance in the swingarm for a larger tire. But it could just be the angle on the pics. Thanks again!
  9. I am gonna be picking up an x2 140cc soon and I'm wondering if I can run different tire/wheel combos? (12/12, 12/14?) I like the idea of the 10/12 that comes stock but I'm just wondering if I can play around with it and race several classes.
  10. I pick up every issue from the smiths in west valley on 5600 w.
  11. I am new to the pitbike scene and actually will be getting my first pitbike in a couple weeks. I have been doing allot of research but I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some cool links to check out. Any site that has info on pitbikes, minimoto, racing series' and anything else involving pitbikes and pitbike racing. Thanks!
  12. Yeah thats probably a good idea since pitster pro is about 20 miles away from me. Just havent been able to make it over there yet. Hopefully they will let me try both of them when I make it there.
  13. thanks for the info everyone. So, does anyone have a reason for why I shouldnt go with an x2? And keep in mind Im not trying to decide what brand (im getting a pitster pro) Just what size. Thanks again!
  14. wow, great response. Would you say there is any pros or cons to the x2 versus the x4 when only considering size? I guess im just thinking the x2 might be better for the backyard tight stuff but Im curious if i will ever encounter a situation on the track where I am gonna wish I went with the midsize bike.
  15. I am going to be picking up a pitster pro in the coming weeks and am having trouble deciding wich one to go with. Gary at pitster has been awesome and answers my emails promptly but I hate to nag with lots of questions. Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. How does the x2 compare in size to a crf50? I have all the specs and seat hieghts but I would love to hear someones personal experience. Is the x2 much more comfortable ergonomically than a 50? Also, what kind of things will I notice different about the x2 from the midsize bikes like the x4 as far as performance, fun factor and comfort? Thanks allot in advance for the help!! Oh, and I plan on play riding aswell as racing my pitster.