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  1. MartinDKtm

    Dunlop 606

    I got a Michelin Baja on my 06 and its a 140/80-18 and theres plenty of room. So I think that any 606 size should fit there.
  2. Ok I've seen some pictures of what others have done in installing their line...Cr style, stock routing with the line that could hook on anything in the trail...etc... So today I received mine and did the installation and I think I've found a good safe routing for it. Maybe others have done it that way I don't know...But heres a link to what I have done to mine: http://picasaweb.google.com/MartinDKtm/GalferStainlessLineRouting So im just sharing my idea... Martin
  3. MartinDKtm

    2009 KLX250.....Supertrapp exhaust?

    I had one on my Xr650L bike had hight comp piston, edelbrock carb, cam, etc..etc.. on it and the bike had more power with the stock exhaust then when the supertrapp was on. And it was too loud event when I played with the number of disk. IMO its not worth it. Go Fmf or muzzy for the Klx.
  4. MartinDKtm

    Klx250s Front stainless brake line?

    I did order the Galfer line for the 300klx . I don't really like a la Cr style. May try to mix the install between stock and like Ktm do. Or just leave it stock since we don't really have huge rock here that could break it...
  5. MartinDKtm

    Klx250s Front stainless brake line?

    Its just like that I wanted to have. Thatnks for that link to those pictures Kc-10.
  6. MartinDKtm

    Klx250s Front stainless brake line?

    Is it posible to have one that will fit at the stock routing? With the small block at the end to screw the steel line that goes to the caliper? All the one I have seen take a different routing...
  7. MartinDKtm

    Klx250s Front stainless brake line?

    Heres the Ktm part number for their front transfer line that fits the Klx rear: 60013013000. thanks for the information.
  8. Anyone has one installed or fitted from another model? I did not find nothing for the front yet. I got one for the rear that I took from a 2006 Ktm 640 Adventure (the line that links both caliper on the front) that fit just right on the rear of the Klx. So if anyone has found something for the front end please share. Thanks Martin
  9. MartinDKtm

    My wifes 2007 KLX250 always starts hard

    Mine has always started to the 1/4 turn. Even cold. There must be something else...
  10. MartinDKtm

    Buy a KLR250 w/ Top-end Rattle?

    The cam could be worn or the head where they spin in....Or maybe it just need valves to be adjusted. Or as you said the timing chain but at that milage if its the real one I don't think the chain or cam/head would be the problem..That is if the bike has never missed oil or maintenance...You need to open up the head cover to find out. Theres no other way.
  11. MartinDKtm

    FMF Powercore 4 and DB Dawg

    I have the Q4 with the powerbomb on mine and I like it. Could be a notch more quiet but its acceptable.
  12. I did have to change the pump for an Arctic-Cat 4 stroke Atv pump part #0470-758 . It now works great and I can get the acerbis completely empty. The 2 stroke pump was not good. FOr the one who wants to know...I did test the range yesterday on the road. I had put road tires on it with a winshield and did a 535 miles (700 kilometer) trip yesterday. I did 165 miles (266 kilo) before engine stall. Then switched to the reseve and went on road back back again for another 48 miles (77 kilo) befor getting to a dead stop. I had bring some spare fuel to refuel...So I did a total of 213 miles (343 kilo) on a tank. Speed was steady at 68-74 mph (110-120km/h) at 6000-6500 rpm. Bike has a 300 barrel with wiseco piston, fmf Q4 with power bomb, n1tc, 132 main, 35 pilot.
  13. I would disconnect all the connector from the bike and reconnect them with dielectric grease. Also I would clen all the swtch mechanism on the handlebar and put dielectric grease in them too.
  14. Mine has the 300 barrel with the full fmf q4 and I run 35 stock pilot, 132 main, n1tc needle at middle clip.
  15. MartinDKtm

    KLX 250 Mod List

    I would go for the 300 kit. For suspension so far what I read here and there most people just mod the fork with bigger springs and change oil viscosity to change their damping properties.