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    mountain biking, mainly dirt bikes
  1. CRF230James


    What are your opinions about steering stabalizers
  2. CRF230James

    crf or yz

    god thats a hard decision. Personally i would get a YZ unless ur gonna race
  3. CRF230James


    I got an 03 Wr250 3,570. its got a sterring stabalizer, and a better rear shock, and a FMF pipe. Im soo happy. So all my stupid threads on wut bike to get just ignore.
  4. CRF230James

    CRF230F vs CRF250X

    god dam u could just about race that thing haha
  5. CRF230James

    New 230F

    hey i have a 05 230 man that thing is so reliable and she will have a lot of fun on it.
  6. CRF230James

    Rode in snow today, WOW

    god i rode in snow once man dont squeeze the brakes too hard or gun it cuz u will start slidin
  7. CRF230James

    Any good prices??

    ya he said i cant get a red sticker bike so i was gonna get a YZ but there like 02 and i guess im gonna get a WR
  8. CRF230James

    neutral switch. on or off

    take a nuetral switch off??
  9. CRF230James

    THE WIDOWMAKER-jawbone

    that thing is crazy man i dont know anyone who would do that
  10. CRF230James

    Any good prices??

    thnx man that seemed like a good price for a WR. How does it run?
  11. CRF230James

    Is a 450 too much?

    i c wut u r saying on the turns i kinda have a hard time keeping it up especially in the snad
  12. CRF230James

    Any good prices??

    Im going to buy a WR250 03 or above wut do u think i should get and i can only spend about 2,500-3,500 do u think there will be any good reliable bikes out there
  13. CRF230James

    YZ or WR 250's

    Which one should i get? I want a YZ250f green sticker 02 but my dad wants me to get a newer WR250f
  14. CRF230James

    CRF230 Faster?

    if your gonna do all that to your 230 mine as well get a 250
  15. CRF230James

    Is a 450 too much?

    long as u dont pin the throttle. im 13 i ride a 230 and i ride my dads 450 all the time and its only gonna go as fast as u make it go. so dont hit the trottle to hard its gotPOWER!!!!!