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  1. peak power

    Ohlins suspension

    Damian, I m running a full Ohlins setup in my CRF 450R 2013. The shock is a winner, after the first run you can feel a nice difference..........works pretty good, traction is improved, good bottom resistance..............traction coming out of corners is better...........gives confidence to open the throttle. Regarding the RXF fork, it works pretty good, runs a bit higher in the stroke than the KYB air forks..........small bump absortion is pretty good, eats breaking bumps pretty good, traction in corners is well improved, you can lean the bike and feels more traction than the OEM fork. Respect to bottoming resistance, the OEM forks are better, if I go agressive in a few jumps in my local track I can feel the fork bottoming, it takes some confidence out of your riding..................the OEM forks used to work better in this category. I need to say that I need to add some oil to the forks and test if oil solve the problem, I added some oil lask week and now its better, but still some bottoming...........I just want to feel safe and confident that I can go agressive without feel a hard landing I always run with a garmin gps watch, in average the Ohlins set up (fork and shock) improved my pace 6,5% (huge difference), my fastest times improved 2,7%. If you take in consideration the numbers, is clear that the ohlins set up takes less energy from you, I can really say that I m able to hold longer rides with out getting tired.................the OEM forks after 10 minutes starts to take a lot of energy from you. Oem fork works wonderfull in nice smooth tracks with big jumps............but if the track is choppy, it start to kill your arms and body pretty bad. Bottom line, I m pretty happy with the shock, I still need to work in the fork, but so far I feel great about the way my bike runs, I m able to be fast for a longer period and for me thats great. Also I m happy to have a constant feeling of the fork, I dont need to worry about Psi or temperature changes........you start to know pretty good what to expect from your fork, nice and constant feeling............this gives you confidence in your ride. Regarding the cost benefit relation, It depend if you are able to tune your OEM fork and shock to your liking, Ohlins is big money, for me it works, I feel faster and safer for a longer period of time...............I just need to solve the bottoming issue ir order to accomplish all my goals (with my OEM fork with proaction valving I never felt bottoming). If you have access to a good tuner and he knows the places where you ride I think that you can get a pretty good setup with the OEM equipment. If ohlins works, for sure it works, it works great!...............but Oem stuff is good too, with a nice tuning you can achieve a really nice feeling. I hope this help, regards,
  2. peak power

    RHC cams

    My full RHC package in my CRF 450 2013 just rocks!!!, there is plenty of power everywhere, power with sweet and strong delivery.............its awesome.
  3. Hi guys, I just want to share with you that last weekend I installed a new map especially made for my motor setup (Hamp CNC Porting, Hi Comp Piston, Hamp Cam, FMF full twin exhaust, twin air air cage), supplied by Ron Hamp. All I can say that its a magic motor, with the new map it pulls harder everwhere, bottom, mid and top.......its a magic powerband...........hard to explain but there is plenty off power everywhere but delivered in a sweet manner................gives you a big confidence when you ride the bike. Prior the map by motor was perferct, with the new map it is just incredible................everytime I roll the throttle there is a big smile in my face. Big thanks to Ron. Regards.
  4. peak power

    CRF 450 R 2013 + Rekluse Exp 3.0 Report

    Regarding starts, I can not give a full review, so far I just made starts in practice conditions, It feels good. To be honest I try to avoid starts simulation because I think that is pretty hard for the disc, because with the rekluse you take 2 or 3 disk out of the clutch pack in order to give space to the 3.0 disc. Regarding the product number, for a 2013-2014 CFR 450 R you need to buy the six spring kit, it means that you can buy the 2008 CRF 450 R version, also 2002-2007 CR 250 (2stroke) works. Regards.
  5. peak power

    CRF 450 R 2013 + Rekluse Exp 3.0 Report

    In order to complement my original review, all I can say is that ride after ride I m feeling better with the way my bike runs. I can focus in other things and not waste my menthal energy in clutch modulation......... I m also more agressive entering and exiting corners.............lap times are pretty consistence.......much less errors....its a troubles free ride. Regarding strange noise, nothing in my bike, not at all, bike sounds as usual, I m using motul 10w40 ester gearbox oil....(same oil as before)...........I m using the stock basket (It is in pretty good shape) My next step is to transform the confidence that the rekluse gives me in more corner speed, I really feel like there is more room from improvement. By now the clutch manage the power of my bike pretty good (full ron hamp motor), power delivery is awesome..........so far no slip. great product!.
  6. peak power

    CRF 450 R 2013 + Rekluse Exp 3.0 Report

    I m using the same oil as before.................motul ester transoil..........I think is a 10w40. I just using the EXP 3.0 disc not the whole clutch system Core EXP 3.0............regarding setup you only change the clutch cable tension in your lever, there is no need to dig in the motor. It is a straight forward installation.
  7. peak power

    CRF 450 R 2013 + Rekluse Exp 3.0 Report

    I m glad you like my report. Regarding noise of anything wierd.......nothing normal bike sound, nothing special. About starts, I cant give you a straight answer, by now I didnt practice starts in real race situation, just with my friends, I holeshot every start, but that can my my motor setup (full Ron Hamp setup). As said, when you are in the track racing with other guys and you start to feel tired and you arms start to ask for mercy, this product makes magic, you can focus in line selection and forget about stall and clutch control mistakes. In terms of corner speed, entry speed is better, shock feel is better (especially when you are fresh, after a while when you are getting tired you are prone to makes mistakes with rear break because you need to use it more with the rekluse, if you lock your rear wheel you lose all the benefict of the rekluse) Mid corner is better maybe because you entry with more speed, more confidence and focus in lines selection Exit corner speed is well improved, you can use a higer gear, no mistakes with clutch control, you can modulate traction much better with just the throttle............maybe because the hi gear the exit chop is better handle by the suspension..........I m over jumping a lot of jumps because my speed out of corners...................other thing is that lap after lap your speed is more consistent.........after a while you start to gain time versus other rider, becuase is a more troubles free ride. Is like ride your bike lap after lap in a 95% of your best lap ever, no matter what you do you will ending having a great lap time Example, before rekluse I having trouble to clear a mid size tabletop, I clear the jump maybe just 40% of the times, with the rekluse I clear the jump 100% of the times, no matter what happen in the prior corner I m able to gain the speed to clear the jump........................here is where in the long run you start to gain some second in you lap times.
  8. two week ago I installed a rekluse Exp 3.0 (just a trick disk) in my CRF 450R 2013 (full Ron Hamp motor setup), here is my report. * Installation, pretty easy, just like putting new discs and springs * Set up, easy after read the instructions and youtube videos * Performance - the system works as rekluse said it would - power modulation is much easier just with the throttle - Traction is improved, especially exiting corners - Can use higher gear in tight corners without the fear to stall the engine - Need to change riding style a little - Much less engine braking (remember me 2stroke bikes feeling) - Need to use more the rear brake entering corners (because the less engine braking) - Rear suspension work is improved in entry corner (if you dont abuse rear brake) - Corner exit speed is improved - Can carry more speed in corners (I can be more aggresive) - Can Focus in line selection - Forget about stalling your bike in corners, it will never happen again - Give confidence in your riding - When fitness comes into play it helps even better (troubles free riding, no mistakes in corners, no stall, no power slides of the rear tire) - More consistency in lap times - Still can use the clutch to pick up some power (as regular clutch) - Easier to clear a jumps after a tricky turn Downsides - need to charge riding style a bit - Less engine braking change front tire traction in corner entry (a bit less) - Riding style dont feel as agressive as before, clutch and throttle combination is more exciting and wild......after all this is MX! - Feel of the lever is pretty hard (because the hard rekluse springs) - Lever feel is weird, because when you hit the throttle you gain some free play in the lever - Makes you feel like a lazy rider, take one part of your rider skills out of the ecuation (clutch control) Lap times In the first weekend using the rekluse I improved my lap times 2,5% (measured average speed with a garmin gps watch, same MX circuit, same track conditions, same bike set up). After my second weekend I ended improving my lap time 5,2% from the regular clutch setup. In a 90 seconds lap, this means I cut my lap time to 85,3 seconds................in a 10 lap race it means 46,8 seconds less, more than half a lap.............I just realized this point today when I made the numbers........Its huge. To be honest, I m much more fast in my MX circuit with the rekluse, Its much more easy to ride my bike, I just forget about the clutch, just pick a gear and hit the throttle, I m still trying to addapt my style to the rekluse feeling, Its almost a error free ride............this product do what rekluse promise........consistent lap time and error free ride. I m a weekend warrior rider, I think that this product is more usefull for less skilled riders......if you are in a race you cant afford a stall.......aloso when you are tired and your arms are hurting you are less prone to make mistakes.........................if you are a more pro rider I think it makes your ride a bit boring (from my point of view). Bottom line, I dont know if it makes me a better rider (takes one part of riding a mx bike out, clutch control), but lap times dont lie and the faces of my buddies after I kicked their asses in the track neither, this product works. Regards.
  9. peak power

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Here is my bike TJ graphics RHC Head and Cam Hi comp Piston FMF full exhaust system Tokyo mods Map Proaction Valving and pistons Twin Air Cage and filter Galfer oversize front rotor Protaper Clutch perch Hinson discs and springs Ride Engineering Handlebars mounts Renthal Handlebar (taller one) Hinson clutch actuator arm Basically my dreamed bike!!!
  10. Anyone else that want to share a report for the community................ I m thinking in buying one of those things, .........I just want to make sure that it worth the money............................any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  11. peak power

    Best mods to 13 450 motor

    Ranger, as you can see in my report, the Ron Hamp Package is the way to go. Super strong powerfull powerband that is easy to control..........you move forward very fast because the motor is pulling pretty hard and you have the confidence to stay in the throttle because there is no surprises in the power delivery..............help me alot to carry more speed to clear jump (coming from tight corners) and be more agressive in the whoops. From my point of view, the exhaust system is one of the last things to do, lots of money and limited performance gains.....................head porting + remap is number one priority in order to find good gains...................then you can add a High Comp piston and a cam. Regards.
  12. As I said top end power is well improved over stock, my local track is a tight track so there is no much room to test top end power................but Eddie you are right, with a fine tune in the ECU there must be even more power. By now I really like the ways my bike runs, its a dreamed powerband. Regarding the starting issue is not that bad, but it takes a little more efford, you can still start at first kick but it need to be a good one..........I will check the instalation.
  13. Well, Here I go, Last Saturday I was able to ride my bike with the addition of the Ron Hamp Cam. My current mods are: + Ron Hamp head porting + Hi comp CP piston + Tokyo mods map + FMF dual exhaust with megabomb header + twin air air filter cage (no screen) With all this mods the bike was running awesome, plenty of power everywhere, power comes strong but control, throttle control is awesome, no sudden power hits, strong and easy to ride powerband. With the addition of the Ron Hamp Cam, the makes behave the same but in a even strong manner, still easy to use power, but it comes even more strong..........its difficult to explain, I can feel more power but at the same time I m able to control it............................................I can clear jump coming from a tight corner more easy than before................I can pick much more speed before entering a whoops section in my local track...........................this motor just drives you forward like and electric power plant. With the cam I can use 2nd pinned corner to corner, motor pull very linear all the way to redline or I can use 3rd gear because the power is always there. The only down side of the cam versus the stock cam is that you need a bit more leg power in order to start the engine, still starts easy but the stock cam is easier. This is not a top end monster motor, .................dont get my wrong top end power is pretty improved over stock.....................but the special thing about this setup is that is super fast and easy to ride powerband, I can´t be more happy with the way my motor runs........................so many thanks for Ron, this setup is helping me alot in my riding, it is a confidence inspiring power delivery. Hope you understand my report, regards!!.
  14. I ve riding this same set up and every time I ride my bike I like it even more..........there is power everywhere......makes my ride easier............I m not a super fast rider and this motor was my solution to some technical parts of the track, now I have the speed and confidence to clear some jumps that I couldn't in the past....................power is so smooth (confidence) but strong (speed) on the same time. This weekend I m going to the dunes, so I will test top end power big time. When I get the cam from Ron I will let you know my impressions. Keep riding!!!
  15. Hi guys, I m writing from Chile..................last weekend I rode my CRF 450R 2013 with Ron Hamp Ported Head + CP Hi comp piston. I added this mods to my original set up that includes Tokyo mods map (for open exhaust) + FMF complete exhaust (dual) + Twin Air Power flow kit (no screen). I m about to report the performance gains of my bike with the addition of the Ron Hamp Ported Head and Hi comp piston. Ride Report The bike is running awesome!!!! • There is plenty of low-end power • Midrange is well improved • Easy to ride powerband • I improved my lap time by 5% (average speed, measure with a garmin and compare with my prior personal best) • The power delivery gives me confidence to open the throttle • No abrupt sudden power hits • I can use a higher gear in tight corners (3rd) • I can hold 2nd gear longer than before So, I m pretty happy with the way my motor runs right now. The track was a sandy tight track, so there was no room to test top-end power……but when I hold 2nd gear pinned corner to corner I can feel the bike revving free. In a few days I will add a Ron Hamp cam to my package, I will let you know the evolution of the motor. I just want to say that I m pretty happy with the setup, the power comes in a friendly and strong way, Ron gave me a very good service, he answered all my dummy questions and supported the whole process of installing the new head. As summary, I just get a big smile in my face everytime I exit a corner and open the throttle. Keep riding!!!. Peak Power.