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  1. What is that and how does it work?
  2. is there any way i can repair my old tank? I don't think i can coat it because it has fuel pickup tubes in it that i can't remove.
  3. $244 was a ims one from justgastanks.com only found one on ebay when i looked and it was used and said it had some rust in it already! hope i can find a better deal some where. That is alot for a quad that old esp. since i have $100 in the fuel pump and filters already.
  4. any one know where i can buy a replacment gas tank for my 1987 honda trx350D. I found one at Justgastanks.com for $244 and would like to find on cheaper if i could.
  5. ok i will just cap them. I checked with the local auto parts and it turns out the do have a 12v pump 2.5-4.5 psi and 30gph for the same price as the one you listed. do you think that would work fine? I like to buy locally if i can cus if i have issues they help me out on it alot with warrenty. thanks
  6. welpracing

    Supercross Back On Speed Today..

    darn no watching for me now we have got to get the speed channel soon!!
  7. welpracing

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    How do you like that 250x? has it been a good bike? Little sister is thinking of getting one this summer for her first street motorcycle. just wondering how they are? P.s. yours looks Great:thumbsup:
  8. cool i think that is what i need. have you ever used one before and what do i do with the vaccum lines going to the old pump?
  9. nope tank is below the carb. Know of any place that sells a universial fuel pump for that low of pressure?
  10. k well that is what i was wondering, what psi would one for a quad or motorcycle be?
  11. I would rather just replace with somthing new so that away i don't end up with the same problem again. not to mention i have no idea where and m/c salvage yards are arond me
  12. The 12 volt fuel pump on my 87 honda trx350D 4x4 is clogged up and not pumping through. Oem honda is discontinued and ones on ebay are really $$. so i found a universial 12 volt automotive fuel pump at the local parts store for $50 and it is for carb pumping 5-7 psi. Can anyone tell me if this will work?
  13. what are the compression specs on a 04 yz250f. I have one that is not starting and seems to turn over easily. so i thought i would do a compression check before a leak down.
  14. more wanting one for when it is parked at my house when i travel i keep a close eye on it but when i am at work i can't