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  1. WooMac250

    Any MN riders??

    Ha ! good question. Little cheaper but taxes higher. But they have a good Rural loan program in Wis. Plus found a house I like with some land and lots of trees. So hopefully by next spring I will have a new track built.
  2. WooMac250

    Any MN riders??

    Have not raced for quite awhile, but still mostly like to ride tracks bought a 125 a couple of years ago to play around on. Planned on getting a new bike but and holding off until I hear on a house in Wi I have offer on.
  3. WooMac250

    Any MN riders??

    Yes money is the hardest thing to find. Where at in Anoka? How much land do you guys have? If you are interested in building a track sometime I have a guy who owns a a heavy equipment company that prob could build one for a reasonable rate. Thanks
  4. WooMac250

    Any MN riders??

    Hey all, I just moved from Pine City Area to Hugo, MN (temp) looking for a place near Hugo to ride, Anyone have a private MX-SX style track in the area that I could take a few laps on from time to time. Had my own SX style track up north but dont know anyone around here and want to find something close. Thanks