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  1. bwfox

    Thank you all VERY MUCH!

    Excellent! What you have and what you have done and learned is the very essence of what the sport and these old XRs typify. Keep the message going!
  2. bwfox

    Asking too much for XR250R?

    Just as an FYI, I have a friend with a 98 with a Baja Designs Street legal conversion, new chain and sprockets, replaced the fork seals etc., and has it FS for $1500...
  3. bwfox

    Easier to convert X-->R or R--->X

    Where do you find an R for $4500?
  4. bwfox

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    Too bad. It's your loss. Bert
  5. There has not been a rash of frame or any other big problems with the Xchallenge. It is a rock solid dualsport. I put 10,000 miles on last year about 1/2 of those in the dirt.I have done 500 miles a day. It has been a bargain even for those who did not get in on the subsidized ones...Super easy to maintain. Engine is good for 20,000 miles before a valve adj is required. Holds 2.5 qts of oil and in easy to service every 6,000 miles. And it comes with a 3 year warranty. Hard to go wrong...
  6. bwfox

    SM Tire Pressures

    You could run 140s on a 3.5" rim. I have Distanzias on and have a 140x17 rear and the 120x17 and I like it as a commuter. I don't have a canyons or track time to worry about.
  7. bwfox

    Sprocket Problems-I want to ride tomorrow!

    Get them in an equal position on both sides and smack your rear tire forward to seat everything. I use a rubber or plastic mallet and then recheck and adjust.
  8. bwfox

    Need two easy favors

    Tie breaker(braker) would be good. That was a snug measurement at FULL extension.. Bert
  9. bwfox

    Need two easy favors

    Hi William, With stock SM fork fully extended, I have a snug 11" of inner polished fork tube exposed. Bert
  10. bwfox

    Tank Bag for Clark 3.9 gallon

    +1 on Wolfman Enduro. It fits the stock tank and the Clarke.
  11. bwfox

    Advice needed

    I recently paid $4000 for an 05 SM with a 1,000 miles. It has been the best/most fun $ I have spent on motorcycles in a long time. Your prices sound even better! I was a bit hesitant about an SM, but it was what I came across. If I had known how much fun it is as a commuter and an around town bike, I would've done it a long time ago... Bert
  12. bwfox

    Picked up 2007 SM today!

    Congrats! You'll love it:applause: Let us know how your farkling goes. Bert
  13. bwfox

    Should I buy a DRZ 400 SM

    I had an 03 KLX400R, same as an E. I rarely rode it in town even though I had it street legal. I sold it last year due to an illness and thinking I was done with offroad riding. This spring I wanted another one. I found a used SM because that was what was available. We don't have a lot of canyons or curves here in NE NV and I didn't know how useful an SM would be. I love it! It is so fun and responsive around town it is my main ride now. I have Avon Distanzia tires on it and they work pretty good for the dirt roads we have around here. I am going to be getting an extra set of wheels for knobbies, but so far I really ;like the 17"ers. I am surprised by how much fun it is to ride. I have a nice choice of bikes in the garage, incl a Ural 2wd sidecar rig and my Guzzi Quota 1100ES, but the SM is the one I get out. Bert
  14. bwfox

    OE SM gearing

    Aaah, you must be at that 49 every year thingy...I've heard about denial. They probably have a 12 step program for that. Like ride every day for 12 days, preferably in a new area every day. We could start at your place and end up at mine or something... Bert
  15. bwfox

    OE SM gearing

    Hey, you are only a bit younger than me. We have earned the right to be cynical, haven't we? BTW, what have you found to be a reasonably priced steel rear sprocket of acceptable quality? Bert