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  1. jaydizel

    Factory Connection or Pro Circuit

    Do you have the number for norcal motosports?
  2. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    I'm headed to clubmoto next Thursday; maybe hotel, then Sandhill. I'm down to ride non tracks just don't like riding by myself.
  3. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    Yes I did. It would be nice if 408mx open at 9am med-week. Any tracks open on Fridays?
  4. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    I bought the 2010 JGR 450 drove straight to 408MX road for an hour i was done. Next up Hollister GP track Sunday.
  5. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    need help picking a bike. Choices: 09 KXF 450 Enzo Suspension(set for my wwieght) D. Dr exhaust after market chain and sprocket. track ridden with 23 on the ticker. 2010 yzf 450 jgr motor + graphic everything else is stock. raced 2011 yzf 450 suspension, just the header. raced These are the bike that are for sale in my location, each bike is $500 more than the other starting old to newest.
  6. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    Zaca Station that's one track I've been wanting to hit up now for 4 years. Thanks for the heads-up om sand Hill
  7. jaydizel

    Mammoth MX advice sought

    After all the years of going to watch the race I'm going to race it this year. I've never raced before but it's on my bucket list too.
  8. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    Thank you.
  9. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    I've been watching YouTube of 408mx. looks a bit tight. From the YOUTUBE videos sandhill Holster looks nice. Hopefully I find a bike by.next week
  10. jaydizel

    San Francisco

    Thank you for the link. I was also PM a link to dirtlink.net which looks good too. Any opinions on a track with good? soil and track prep
  11. jaydizel

    California San Francisco

    New to SF kind of--Move from Los Angles 2 years ago, I've been without a bike ever since. Now that I have a place with a garage, its time to buy a 450. I'm looking for tracks to ride If anybody has a link that would be great and what tracks too avoid.
  12. jaydizel

    need help

  13. jaydizel

    need help

    I check all connections ever thing looks good, bike is getting gas, just no spark. I check the ground too. What would i have to buy to fix?
  14. jaydizel

    need help

    the bike Pitster 125 The bike wont start, the plug has no spark w/ a new spark plug. I have know clue bout this bike. Has anybody had the same problem that can guide me in the rite direction? Jason
  15. jaydizel

    Lowest price for a fork seal driver

    here's onehttp://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/329532518.html